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Sphere of Mars: The Ritual. *Warning: long ass post, but entertaining I hope*



*disclaimer: None of this is bullshit, all of it is real*


So I began preparations for my ritual around 2:30 AM. The hour of mars began around 3:50-4:00 am. I decided to do it in my place of work (a very old independent theater) after hours. I started by revising a list of things I plan on accomplishing, basically a to do list for the next 5 months. I added lots of things to the list and even made a column for things of a spiritual nature. The mars current was definitely with me because I became very aggressive, not only with making the list, but with my goals. Some of the goals are doable but the amount of time I'm giving myself to accomplish them is very daring. I was also compelled to begin every sentence with "I will".


After working on the list for 30 min, I went about setting up the ritual space. As I was arranging all the ritual tools, I realized I forgot my incense and incense holder. Sigh...I decided it would be ok, at least I had my candle. I then went to look for my lighter and surprise! It wasn't there. I KNEW I packed it but it magically disappeared. I then became incredibly frustrated and started yelling "really?!" all over the theater. I went and looked in every single place a fire source would be on the main floor and upstairs. All th while the spirits that frequent the theater were in full effect. Not even trying to hide. We're talking full on white specters. I was too pissed to care. I then thought to myself "maybe this is what mars in trying to teach me. I need to become a more aggressive person and I have to get angry about the state of things. If I want to make things happen I have to get mad!" I then cut through an alley to get to one of the basements in the theater. As I opened the back door I was immediately greeted with a freshly spray painted message. When I say freshly painted, I mean I could still smell the paint and the cans were on the ground. The message read: 'Glory. You are who you are...Never change'.


Wow. I love it when spirits speak through omens. It makes me feel a little less alone, like my steps are guided by things that want to see me do well. *warm fuzzies*


So I have this thing that I do when I'm trying to find something. I tap into the aura and subtle energies surrounding my hands and close my eyes. I then "see" what it is I'm looking for and try to imagine what the vibration of said item would feel like. Then, with my eyes closed I scan the energies in the room and let my hands lead me to the vibration that most closely matches what I'm looking for. I can usually determine which direction I need to walk in by slight pulls and tingles in my finger tips. I did this in the basement to look for a lighter of some sort. I went in the direction my hands pulled me and began digging through nut, bolts and other random tools. I couldn't find it. Where the hell was it? As soon as I was about to give up, I discovered a big black thing. Out of curiosity I picked it up...."REALLY MARS?! A FUCKING BLOW TORCH?! LMAO!" I said out loud. I then told mars that as entertaining as it would be for him, I really didn't want to be responsible for burning down my place of work. I put it back; started over and found a bright red book of matches with a stylized picture of a flaming hot grill on the front, in a dusty cup of pens, in a cobweb filled corner. As I walked back to the main stage, where my rite was taking place, I picked up on a theme. Preparedness in every way, is the key to success in all things. Thanks mars.


The ritual.


After all the drama, I began making my lamen. I was overcome with laughter when I discovered how complicated the sigil in the middle was. I set everything up, said everything I needed to say, cast the circle (Barsa did you catch that we're supposed to cast the circle around the entire operation, not just ourselves, but table-of-art and all? I just realized that last night) I pulled out my list and asked Sammael to give me the strength, fortitude, courage and discipline to see every single goal through to completion. I asked if he would please give me a sign that he heard me and that he'll answer my prayers. The flame on the candle jumped and made a loud popping noise. I took it as a yes. I then contemplated the symbols of mars. I decided to go into a light trance and vibrate both symbols in my third eye.


I received a brief vision of sammael. He came to me with golden curly hair, glowing eyes like white hot fire. His skin color wasn't clear, I just saw streaks of purple and blue energy outlining his sharp features. His robe was long, flowing and was kind of like a toga. Like, over one shoulder, arms exposed. the color was the same as his eyes. and the same purple and blue energy was outlining the fabric. He held a large sword. He was flying towards me at an angle as if falling on top of me in ambush, sword drawn. I began feeling thick intense vibrations. There was a dull energetic current rising from the base of my spine to the base of my brain...


The messages I received: "Remember that there is power in stillness" and "No matter what it is, carry on". After that I was given the idea to imagine both symbols in the air above me drawn in fire. I did that and felt a light brush of energy fall onto me. I took that as an anointing of sorts. I felt like the sensitive little sibling that drives you crazy but that you can't help but love and spoil. I thanked Sammael and dismissed him.


As soon as the ritual ended I realized I was hot and drenched in sweat. I didn't notice anything while in ritual. I stole a cookie, shut the building down and went home.




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Damn! Good work! Of course the theater ghosts would be fully active right when you're doing a ritual... i think i seriously hate those things. 

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Compelling reading..lots of food for thought there.. and LMFAO re the blowtorch!

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