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Witch of the Huron River

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Do what needs to be done... and other hard lessons from Mars



Today is the day for the 2nd ritual for the seven spheres. It is the day for Mars.


Since the Jupiter ritual I had not focused much on the upcoming Mars, passing it off as something that will be easy for me since I am so connected with it.


If I was doing my rites correctly, I would have done the ritual at sunrise, or another corresponding hour to the Martial planet. This morning, I figured I could just do it whenever was convenient for me, because apparently my ego got just that big.


I was setting up my altar. Okay... I have my Mars oil... my dragons blood on my cast iron burner.. cast iron wolf heads... a ring of iron... whatever, I was ready, right?

I began to attempt to light the candle and it fell and snuffed out, burning me on the way. Well shit.. try it again. Saying the proper words... calling the angel... Wait... where's my Lamen? And I realized I don't have my angel's lamen at all, nor a reference. Could it be done without it? Am I really going to attempt it? Shit... where's my wand? My wand is gone.


And then I heard it. "you think because you are connected with me that you can pass off a poor attempt. No, it is because you are connected with me that you will take it more seriously than any of the others."


The proper response: "Thank you"


"you will fast and contemplate me. you will not complain." Thank you


"when you are feeling weak and your resolve wavering, you will think of me and take strength." Thank you


"you will be strong despite yourself. you will take this burden, your knees will buckle and you will continue on." Thank you


"and in the end, you will not be the witch you want to be, you will be the witch you need to be." Thank you.


I thanked the Intelligence for the lesson, and I will suffer through the lesson, and will do the proper ritual at the proper hour. Afterward I sprinkled the sulfur and cayenne around the area of the Toad and continued on to work, preparing for whatever.


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