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Arachnid attentions.



I was just sitting outside, enjoying a balmy early evening in what is an unusually late spring. The birds are singing their best coital odes and the insects are skittering over every surface in view. Ensconced in a lawn chair under the roof's eaves, I felt something drop onto my right arm. I glanced down to find a tiny spider crawling on my arm. Smiling, I watched it start a thread (anchored on one of my arm hairs) and guide it off my right arm, over my belly, up my left arm- then anchor it to the left arm of the chair and pull up the generated thread into a tight suspension between the two points.


Amused, I watched it high-wire its way back to the original anchor point on my right arm, then allow the wind to catch its body as it emitted more web thread. It stopped the thread, dropped onto my left leg, crawled back up to the main anchor, and repeated the wind-dive. Eventually, it retired to the underside of the chair's left arm, with the only evidence of its existence being a sliver of a long leg grasping the web's secondary anchor point.


I withdrew my attention from the spider, and as I was glancing up, the design of this odd little web caught my eye. I have had my share of physics lessons- both in school as well as in practical application- and I do not understand how a bottomless triangle was formed with only the wind providing support for the two top threads. If you were standing above me and were peering down, this is how the web would have looked:




So, yeah. I'm going to guess (hope?) that this is a pretty standard web style for some funky spider. When I have time, I'll research what kinds of webs spiders weave, and which spiders weave which webs. I did try to get video of it (my cell phone was sitting next to me and I didn't have to disturb the web or spider to get it), but it didn't really show up well enough to share.


And if this isn't typical behavior for a spider that's known to live up here, then I need to brush up on my occult symbology for sure.


Curiouser and curiouser, indeed.


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Very interesting. Spiders are generally bringer of positive signs and omens.

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I'm curious, was this a jumping spider? I study spiders closely, both behavior and occult.

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I'm curious, was this a jumping spider? I study spiders closely, both behavior and occult.


Nah, I'm pretty sure it was an orb weaver, although I'm unsure of the precise flavor.

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