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Sphere of Jupiter: The Ritual



Hilariously, my Jupiter rite was in a lot of ways, a bust. I'm used to spirit communication, I've done goetic conjurations and though I'm a bit out of practice I feel like all my psychic centers are open and healthy...I guess I was expecting...More? I feel the Jupiter current in my sphere of influence, but It's incredibly subtle...


So I preformed the Jupiter rite on the hour of Jupiter on the day of Jupiter (last Thursday). I began the ritual by creating the lamen of Sachiel (archangel of Jupiter). The very second I began drawing the out the lamen, I was bombarded with the impression that I wasn't ready. "Not ready as in I started to early/late?" I thought to myself "Not ready as in I'm not ready for this ritual?" "nonono it's all in my head, just my subconscious trying to get my conscious to chicken out, I've got this". And carry on I did...Until I came time to inscribe the name and sigil of the archangel in the middle of the seal. I thought to myself "That's odd, why would a lamen calling on an angel have four inverse pentagrams on it?". I realized I was messing up when I began writing the name upside down.."OMG! I'm drawing the seal upside down because I'm holding the book upside down!" :wallbash: Witchcraft 101: Come to the ritual PREPARED! All ducks in a row... My excitement and deep desire to do well got the best of me.


I got the impression that the spirits were annoyed with me, I kept feeling like they were sighing, feet tapping, arms crossed. I got emotional and felt tears well up in my eyes (something that's never happened in ritual before) as I began making a new lamen. I then went about the ritual, consecrating the space, making the circle etc...All went well. Then I got to the point in the ritual where you meditate on the symbols of the planet and it's intelligence. I felt it necessary to apologize out loud and to make my specific requests. I never got a confirmation that I was heard or anything. The only message I was given was "You are ready for deep companionship, but you are not ready for love". Love is not the most powerful force in my life so I expected to hear something like that...But from Venus not Jupiter! Geez....I closed out the ritual and dismissed the spirits. After the ritual a line form a song I enjoy popped into my head: "well, didn't you know that I'm apart of you? didn't you know I need you to help me through? Please, don't turn your back on me."


I interpreted that as Jupiter saying "Dumbass, all the blessings you want are sitting there waiting for you. get your shit together and then you can receive them". I also took it as them telling me not to be upset and to not turn away from them. Just, come back when I'm really ready to make it happen.


Funny, it took calling upon the powers of Jupiter to realize that what I really need is the discipline and courage that only Mars can bring.


What I've experienced since the rite: The night of and day after the rite I was very depressed and emotional. I just wanted a hug. Then I realized that at the end of the day all we truly have is ourselves. thus began an obsession with all things financial ( better checking account, building credit, better savings account, saving more etc), a desire to go to work every single day, I don't even want an off day. An over all obsession with organization. From papers and files to old check stubs and receipts, from medical expenses to making an eating out budget. Only tim will tell whats next.


Jupiter down, Mars is next!

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Hello Tuuli, pleased to meet you. Interesting read. Look forward to hearing how these workings further evolve.

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Yeah! Get it girl! Take Mars seriously, don't do what I did! It isn't as easy as I had thought!

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Hello Tuuli, pleased to meet you. Interesting read. Look forward to hearing how these workings further evolve.

Hi Oakbuchanan! Pleasure to meet you. Thank you for reading.


Yeah! Get it girl! Take Mars seriously, don't do what I did! It isn't as easy as I had thought!

I just read your blog. Wow! I'm glad a talked to you/ read your post before I decided to rush and do it. It's really no joke.

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