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Sphere of Jupiter: The week before the ritual.



I am currently performing a month long ritual. In said ritual, the magician does planetary conjurations asking to be initiated into the mysteries of each planet. One planetary conjuration a week, starting with Jupiter and ending with the moon. When you feel it's necessary you can end with Saturn instead of the moon. This first blog is about the week leading up to the Jupiter rite, the rite itself and what's happened so far.


In the week prior to the ritual my dreams were extremely vivid. Unfortunately I didn't record them soon enough so I only remember the important bits and pieces.

Crazy dream #1

I remember being in a living room watching TV and being especially disappointed with what i was seeing on the news. I remember feeling like there was something I should be doing about it. All of a sudden three brown serpents with ruby eyes rose up out of the carpet in a synchronized triangle formation. They seemed to be staring "into" me deciding if I was ready for what was in store. They began whispering to one another about the plan, wondering if all necessary arrangements and details were in order. It seemed they were preparing for a life changing ritual.The anticipation was killing me so I interrupted and asked what they were talking about, exclaiming "I wanna know, I wanna know!". They said to one another (they never actually spoke to me, they just looked at me as if reading my soul) that I couldn't know and that it was time to begin. they all slithered away in their own directions. I tried following each one. The first two were way too fast. The third was fast but I thought it better to run after it instead of walking :tongue: When trying to follow it's trail I got lost. I ended up in a huge antiques bazaar. A lot happened after that but I forgot most of it. They end of my dream was with a woman surrounded by blue, purple and yellow swirling lights. They were swirling in the way that water flushes down a toilet and she was in the middle of the vortex. She told me to something that I couldn't really make out. She then spelled it out in red letters for me but it was in Latin. I only remembered the first word. She really wanted me to hear what she had to say so she came closer and said "only spilling the blood will cleanse the soul" :ermm:


As soon as I woke up I grabbed my phone and looked up the first word which was Anata. Apparently Anata is a palestinian town 3 miles north of Jerusalem. It also happened to be the birth place of the biblical prophet Jeremiah. I found this on wikipedia: It has been interpreted that Jeremiah "spiritualized and individualized religion and insisted upon the primacy of the individual's relationship with God". :ermm: Also the original name of the city was Anathoth and the entire city was devoted to the Canaanite goddess, Anat! Anat is a virgin, violent war goddess and the lover of Ba'al Hadad. From Wikipedia: " "Baal" may refer to any god and even to human officials. In some texts it is used for Hadad, a god of thunderstorms, fertility and agriculture, and the lord of Heaven. Since only priests were allowed to utter his divine name, Hadad, Ba‛al was commonly used. :ohmy:


So yeah...I'm not sure what was beckoning me and what I should do with the information given, but I know for sure the powers that be approved of the ritual and wanted me to begin asap.


There were other dreams but they weren't as significant and I don't want to type anymore. The next blog will be about the ritual itself and what has taken place since.




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Awesome dream! I can't wait to hear about your ritual.

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Good luck, sounds like quite the endeavor. 


Are you well familiar with Canaanite magic? I'd love to chat with someone about oracles from their culture.

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Hey Ravenshaw! Unfortunately I don't. Until I got that dream I hadn't ven heard of Canaanites lol! But If I learn some new techniques I'll definitely pass them along. :)

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