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Witch of the Huron River

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The night of May Day



I have some plans for this night...


I had fairly successfully cleared out my Familiar's tasks and requested that he ground himself, to focus on his being and where he is, and that I will do the same. Together we can focus and make him and I stronger.


Well, even though tonight is only a couple days in the process of that, I am hoping it will be enough to create a successfull flight.


We had flown in the past, four times now I believe. I had seen the river, and the road that follows it. I saw things in the landscape and town that I had not known about (until I google-mapsed it after the experience). That made me realize that it wasn't just a fun meditation, that I and my Familiar really were traveling through the night air of our little town.


I am hoping tonight I and my fellow witch(es) will be able to meet in that realm and travel.


wish us luck!


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