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Moon Phases and Travel




It's my observation that everyone has their own unique rhythm with the moon.


The logic has extended to assessing my best and worst trips. Whether business or leisure, solo or with others, a pattern started to emerge. I'm not a fan of mass-applied correspondence lists, and created this list based on my own rhythms. I hope it inspires others to evaluate their own lunar rhythm and try out planning events around the moon calendar.


1st quarter: Low-stress, laid-back, flexible itinerary travel is ideal during this time. My best vacation photography and social interactions happen now.

2nd quarter: Best for physically demanding trips. I learned the hard way that I won't do overnight hiking trips in any other quarter.

3rd quarter: I get the most from a detailed itinerary now. Trips that require long or hard transit to the destination, followed by several days of fun and relaxation, are best now.

4th quarter: Quiet retreats and solo travel are just delicious at this time.


On a side note, I've noticed that I'm in the league of travelers who enjoy travelling when Mercury is retrograde. It's promoted as "common knowledge" that transportation during Mercury retrograde could, at best, go unplanned- and at worst, could be dangerous. If you're the personality type who relishes making unexpected memories and the potentially fun challenges inherent to abrupt changes in plans, please don't let the Mercury retrograde scare talk dissuade you from exploring our world. But, just to be safe, always be smart and have a Plan B in place anyway, whether Mercury is retrograde or not. ;)

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I really need to get brave enough to get deep into the couple of astrology books that are sitting on my shelves :)

Thanks for sharing this, as a frequent traveler I'll try them out - I'm traveling with a last quarter for a short holiday with friends soon !

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