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Witch in School

Dark Phoenix


Greetings all,


Well in my Honors English class, we are reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and are about to read the Crucible. My teacher has been talking about witches a like two minutes everyday for the past 3 days. Also he mentions herbology. It is driving me CRAZY!!! I just want to get up and yell "I AM A WITCH!!!!!!" LOL! Its killing me!!! Not to mention, even though it is a public school, almost everyone is Christian and I find myself in constant conversations of god and their religion. Once again, I want to tell them I am a witch and have no "god"!!! Ok just wanted to vent!!!



Joe :cool:


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Rowan's Light


Thank goodnes for Auntie Dee . I would do as she says except grab a big handful of hair so it hurts - lots!

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Dark Phoenix


LOL! Thanks Dee...but if they get out of hand I could just have my yellow peppermint goofer dust at the ready!!! LOL! But seriously that a good idea, thanks!

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