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Spring in the Foothills



It seems that spring is finally here. Small green shoots are beginning, the sun is setting later and later, the sun is warm and the air is crisp, and I am so happy about it. While this winter was incredibly valuable for my mind and spirit, I am thrilled to be out of the cold darkness and into the fresh budding world.


Today I was walking my dog down a quiet country road. The stream was roaring and spraying from the sudden onset of snowmelt. Birds were freaking the fuck out, singing their little hearts out. The earth was damp, showing small trenches where ice bullied and dug its way down. The dog and I came to a spot where we silently agreed to just stand, listen, and breath. It felt like the land was sighing.


The spring has shown me a gift as well. The road I was on is not well tended, the gravel has been long compressed into the ground, and there are hundreds of potholes, some very big. When it rains, the water collects in these potholes to make a murky, shallow puddle. As the dog and I were walking back at our leisurely pace, I gazed down into one of these puddle and saw the reflection of the black crooked lines of the trees and the perfect outline of the hawk which soared above. I felt drawn and stared deeper...and I felt the world move away, and felt the eyes behind mine open wide as the shimmer of the unseen became more tangible. I have never been one for scrying, but perhaps I had the wrong medium. I could not stay long as the dog was ready for a nap, so we retired back to the house.


I look forward to enjoying much more of the Light and Life, the dance and flow, and the cascading growth to come.

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