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Spring and my indoor jungle



This time of year for the last few years has an interesting context to me. Every time this region gets some of the coldest and iciest weather of the year I'm indoors starting a legion of seedlings for my upcoming garden. Currently I'm sharing space with well over 300 plant life forms, and More are coming. While I notice around me that there are many people who get seasonal depression, or are constantly complaining about the cold of February I'm always quite content this time of year with the natural cycle of things. It's not exactly natural to be starting tropical plants indoors (in the case of Capsicums) but it's part of the ebb and flow of nature and the way it relates to my extended circadian rhythm. Around Winter Solstice I feel a demanding urge to start planting seeds, I normally make a ritual out of it for some of my more important varieties and cultivars of plants. I also have several tropical plants that I bring indoors during winter that typically start blooming again around January-February.


So right now, this year, I'm coming into a personal issue where I'm starting these plants for a large garden plot, close to an acre...but also have plans to move to a far away land later in the year...perhaps even right in the midst of harvest. It's causing personal tension for me as I cull some plants (feeding the seedlings to my fish) and as I make cuts to my grow list. For the past few years I've prided myself on growing as many varieties of nightshades as I can stand but I'm feeling...some self imposed walls going up, knowing that I may be nurturing them in vain.


As of right now, in this moment though, I'm enjoying nurturing and growing my plants from seeds and perhaps that's all that matters. Watching my hard work grow into a mighty, porcelain-melting shrub is something to behold in and of itself. As cold and desolate as it is, right now I'd rather stay in the moment, cherishing my 'lings.

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I think getting ready for planting will greatly help my depression, actually. Being around growth and soil really alleviates my crappy mood. I can't wait for summer, so getting things ready is the first breath of summer air for me. Also, having a day above 32 damn degrees helps a lot!


Perhaps donate some of the plants? Don't put them all in the ground, nurture them until you can and give them to a nursery or a friend? Or....take some of them with you?


I can't wait to feel the sun on my back and smell the fresh overturned dirt again. Can't come soon enough!

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