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Dark Speculations and Changes in Practice




This darkness has been a little easier for me so far. More importantly, I have learned a lot - through dreams, memories, projections. I have learned a lot about how I have progressed without noticing, and where my Path may take me.


While I suffer from some chains of my past, I am surprised at how many I have let go, through time and healing. The emotional recovery I have achieved in the last 10 years is greater than I expected, and I didn't notice until I looked back.


I am beginning to tap into previous memories from my life and replay them. This, oddly, has helped me begin the first steps of controlled travelling. I have set up protections around my property. and have taken my first successful, wobbly steps here, as an adult. It is working well, for what it is. I have seen my astral self, and it is not what I expected. My house, my dog, my cat, my roomies - it all looks similar but different than I expected. I think, oddly enough, smoking has played a role in holding me back. The breath is a sacred connection to our bodies and energy - mine is contaminated. I should quit.


I have achieved a new understanding of crossroads, namely how to make my own, or rather that I AM my own crossroad between worlds. I am seeing the boundaries between worlds differently, and I am humbled by the magnitude of it.


I am changing up a lot of what I do in my practices, based on these observations. I am finding myself more curious about systematic magics, as they are beginning to make sense to me. I am feeling things differently again, seeing them differently, smelling and tasting them differently.... It is calm, but growing, and I am intrigued to see where it goes.


I wonder what life will be like, 10 years from now?



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