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A Brief Look Back Before Moving Forward



This has been one of those rare occasions where the majority of my immediate goals has coincided with the end of the year, or at least close enough to make it a convienient bookend. I don't think my efforts have ever culminated so conveniently, or so completely before.


A new apartment that better suits my needs, new furniture, and a new start for my oldest son all top the list. The money for which came rolling in when I needed it to, all the result of both mundane and carefully crafted spellwork. My efforts have put me ahead for the beginning of the new year, financially and otherwise...


A few weeks ago, my late wife came to me in a dream, not as a lover, but as a friend, letting me know she has continued on and is happy. This bittersweet visit unraveled some painful ties for me, and has allowed me to see my current lover in a new light. Things in her life have changed drastically as well, giving her a strength and confidence that is inspiring, and we have grown much closer. She is also my student.(it's become clear that she is akin to a much different path than mine, and will have to find another teacher, I can only show her the fundamentals)


Enough of the sunshine and roses....


One person, someone entrenched in both my professional life and social life, the person that pretends to be a friend yet goes behind my back to constantly try to get with my woman, as well as everybody elses, cheating on his own fiance' in the process.(No, I don't worry. I trust her, I just take it as a personal insult) The kind of guy that will swear to stand by you, and then disappear into the background when the shit goes down, only to find out later he started the whole thing, the kind of guy who will steal anything from anybody if he can get away with it, the guy who literally slinks away when you confront him about it; well, that guy cut himself pretty badly at work, and left a blood soaked paper towel right in front of me. It's the stuffing in a poppet now. I don't usually use poppets, never felt the need, but I'm going to enjoy this, fully.


Don't mistake this for justice, don't think it's altruism. This is my prize for a job well done.


Moving Forward


Early spring cleaning, in a magical sense, this week. I've depleted my supplies, so a trip to the store, and a trip to the woods, or several. Then I'll be ready to crack on.


A well paying job for my son in his field.

Continually improving my finances.

A trip to NYC, vacation in Jamaica.

I've got my eye on an opportunity to advance at work, it just needs a little nudge.

Improve my healing skills.

Improve my divination ability.


That list should keep me busy for a while, along with all the little things that pop up along the way.

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It's always nice to go through a period where things seem to be piecing together.  Best of wishes for 2015.

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