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Witches in my family



I have always known my great aunt has "visions" or "sight" but today I had it explained to me in great detail.


In my family, there's a belief that if you are born with a white veil over your head, you have the Sight. My aunt had the white veil. She apparently predicted my cousin's birth and the death of her twin sister before the mother even knew she was pregnant, as well as my mother's divorce, and the complications my mother would have with my sister's pregnancy and birth.


The more I find out about the family's history, the more people I find are "gifted". I thought I was the black sheep for a while, but I am not by a long stretch.... However, I seem to be different from the other notable "gifted" folks in the family. I am more open to run with it, but I feel so much...weaker. For all the practice and knowledge I have, I doubt I could ever predict such things, as I am not strong with the Sight.


In fact, I cannot think of anything I excel at, and honestly...I'm rather self conscious about it. I dabble into many things, and have small successes in some of them, but I feel as though I have not yet found my groove.


So in some ways perhaps I am indeed a black sheep? I feel like I could form a stronger connection to my lineage by talking with the living family members, but the one who is closest to me physically is old as mold and doesn't wish to talk about it, as she thinks it's an evil gift (super Christian upbringing). The rest are also fairly old and very far away....


I guess I'm just posting this to vent my (really, really) immature, angsty frustration. Why does our family suppress our witchiness amongst ourselves?! We all know we exist - I feel like life would be so much easier with a trusted family circle of people going through the same thing. Dammit people.....


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I don't think your frustration is immature at all.  If anything, your family is being immature by thinking that ignoring something as powerful as ancestral witchiness will make it go away!  I'm sorry for you that their denial is affecting you, but I do feel that you aren't "weak" just because you don't share their same strength of SIght.  There are far more strong Talents than the gift of Sight.  :)

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Sorry for the delayed reply! I agree, the family is quite immature about the whole matter. I'm not one of those "red thread/silver thread" people but having a family lineage is certainly a good bonding matter and can give a wonderful resource if the family actually UTILIZES it.


As for the insecurity, I think a lot of it comes with my age. I'm fairly young, and I'm sure things will come with time. I consider myself decently researched and knowledgable about some things, I just get frustrated easily when I can feel a knock at the door but don't have the tools to open it yet.

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