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Some random notes



So I made something that was supposed to help enhance my dreams, and it is having some unexpected results. I've had some success using certain herbs for this purpose, but I used them in a different way this time and instead of dreams, a few things happened. I mention them below, all examples happened the day after use, and all had a few days in between them.


The first was I was thinking about the weekend and how it was going to go. I was a bit nervous as I would be meeting some of my S.O's friends who were in town. Ive met them before but only once. I had sort of a daydream (the kind that you control only kind of, the ones that take over when you space out) where one friend in particular had split with his GF, and I knew that it meant more bad news in a vague sense . The friends get into town, and we didnt see the friend i thought about, but were informed that he and his gf split, and hes in a bad way about it. Why it feels like bad news I feel has something to do with my own relationship, but only time will tell.


The second thing was in another of those 'daydreamy' states, i had another one where my kid was starting to beleive in god and had a lot of questions because of hearing about it from people at his school. Today when I picked him up, he started asking me about god. Granted, his concept of god as it stands now according to him is a regular guy who lived with the dinosaurs and made everything and then died (lol).


This last one is actually the first to happen, its similar to the two above things in that it came to me in a peripherally aware state and was the next day, but its one I dont feel right sharing completely just yet (thats why I put it last). I wrote it off at first, then it happened two more times. I thought this was interesting for a couple of reasons. One, my intiuition will sometimes scream at me, or it will manifest in my dreams when I ignore it. I will either just know , and the knowing doesnt seem to come from anywhere in particular, its just a strong sense of what is that I cant explain. or my dreams start getting similar and I put together that there something more to pay attention to. It has never felt so passive, like "...oh by the way... heres a heads up about random things", so its different that way. and second it has never really been about random (or seemingly random) things. its unusual that they have more to do with other people because Im not used to that, though obviously im not entirely out of the scope of things. I suppose passive is the wrong word, its actually kind of less passive and more specific, but it feels that way, it feels nonchalant....until the moment it actually happens.


I've only used what I made three times, i didnt think anything 'happened' the first time, until i did it two more times and had two more coincidental daydreams the next day. Now im thinking it works, just in a different way than I intended. Its got me thinking about all kinds of possibilities for future recipes and things to try with it, but for now im thinking I need to continue with what I have for practice and seeing if it happens regularly when I use it, or if it continues to happen even if I dont. Anyone have thoughts or experiences to share? I would like to hear some other opinions?


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I can't say I use herbal items for daydreaming, usually for the night side.  It's interesting to read about, reminds me a lot of my days using drugs recreationally though, being spaced out or tripping.  I never noticed any serious prophetic abilities or increased divination effects from using those though, with the exception of some potent dissociatives I used extensively.  Night dreaming is a different story altogether.  I would say that dreamwork takes up a big chunk of my path, so I'm interested in seeing what you and others might have to add to this.

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Thats why this was so odd for me, i intended it for night dreaming, and it didnt have a noticable effect for my regular dreams. It just happened instead that the next day I was having daydreams that were errily accurate, and I didnt realize there was anything special about them until each time they were confirmed independent of me within a day of them happening. I daydream on a regular basis and always have but normally its typical stuff, reliving or inventing converstations, imaginary situations, or past situations gone differently, things of that nature. Ive never had a daydream "predict" anything. And even when I have had dreams (full on dreams) that predicted something, it has always been more closely tied to my own life or perspective, as opposed to my boyfriends friend or my son at school or what someone is doing in secret. And there is usually a tell that its a dream i need to pay attention to. It feels different, more obvious. This was just weird, like its new to me becuase there was no indicator or feel to let me know to pay attention. And that may be just because I wasnt really asleep, right now I dont know.


Another thing is I have used herbs to enhance my dreams and make them more vivid, or to make it easier to go lucid or travel, and have had success doing that, so this isnt what i was expecting at all, hence why im looking for input. The way I used them was different though, as ive said, and it took me over a month to prepare it under certain conditions for a specific reason. So that is the difference between past "herbal enhancement" and this. Im a little excited about it if im being honest, Im giving my body a rest and doing sort of a mild cleanse so that it doesnt build up and I can try it again and see what happens. The solstice is coming and I think that will be the day since that was the day it was made for anyway.


Thanks for replying Caps! was starting to think nobody was going to, but I really would love all the input I can get.

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I've been super busy and not online as much these past couple months, but I just wanted to drop a note here for my future reference.


-im still having results, but not in the same consistant way. Day after use is still somewhat more daydreamy. I think I have started receiving or pushing thoughts. Lately I seem to know what another is going to say or is thinking about before they say it, sometimes it seems more like I am pushing thoughts. The difference is hard to tell so far. Like I think about something throughout the day, and then the person does or says it very specifically. Or I will suddenly start wondering about a random thing and in the next breath it is brought up by someone else). I need to start documenting all of this so I can see how much of it is just confirmation bias (how to rule that out I am still thinking on, its been hard to journal the way I'd like with current events in my life), and start intentionally trying to 'push' and see what happens then (I have been, and its been interesting to be sure, but like I said I havent been documenting and cant rule out how much confirmation bias is a factor). but it feels like all my connections are intensified. Ive been so focused on developing self awareness it is almost strange to feel so aware of others.

-Night dreaming, it doesnt seem to effect my lucidness, but it does effect the sort of dreams. Two nights ago in a dream I was in my paludarium, I was tiny and looking up at the seemingly enormous moss ball (that is about the size of a golf ball IRL), my vision sort of was distorted like a wide angle lense. I was so comfortable floating zen style in the water, everything in it looked huge as it would to a tiny frog (i have two african dwarf frogs). I keep having dreams that are realistic and yet strange because instead of lucid dreaming, it like I am just leaving body and experiencing different perspectives of real life things. I havent been lucid in any of them so far, aside from being aware of where I am and what I am doing, but not that I am asleep. This wasnt the goal but I am pursuing it to see where it takes me.

-All the dreams have been in my own house, I am begining to try to go further OUT. Im really excited about how this has been going, it has taken a really unexpected turn which I think is great. I have been itching for something new, a new area to explore. I dont think I would have sought anything like this out on my own just yet because I am still trying to improve my lucid dreaming (especially inducing it myself, I dont always decide when it happens), maybe this is just what i needed. a nudge that something else is needed, a new skill. its been difficult with school and work to dedicate the time it deserves.


Anyway, sorry to anyone reading about my over-use of parenthesis, I dont have a lot of extra time to make it pretty but this is becoming sort of a project and I want to keep tract and update here and there for anyone interested or anyone with advice/experience with something like this.

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I know this is an old entry, but just wanted to give this input since even if you're no longer working on this, it's useful for other endeavors as well: I often get thoughts, ideas, poems, songs, etc that come to me at the most inconvenient times/places and I can't write them down (and they often should be written down verbatim). So I downloaded a microphone recorder app on my phone so I can grab it and say/sing whatever is coming to me at the moment it's coming instead of trying to (unsuccessfully) recreate it later... I hope that helps! :)

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Hello IslandBruja! I just saw this comment, sorry it took me so long! Im here intermittently and dont always check everything. Thats a smart idea! I have taken a break from dreamwork (IRL job was super tiring, and i needed truly restful sleep). But Im starting a new, more laid back, job soon and will be able to start experimenting with this again. The job has lots of downtime so that means I'll be able to stop and jot things down if I need (or record them if I can). I've been focusing on some other things, in terms of craft, and I've got some ideas brewing.

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