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Growing as a Witch and Learning about ourselves



I find as I grow as a witch I have been learning more and more about myself. My Craft as of late has gotten stronger which has helped me learn to be stronger in my mundane life. I have found where my real passions in life are and how important it is to indulge in those thing as they can boost how we feel about ourselves. I love to help other but I have found that I need to look at myself and deal with my needs which I have not done in years. I have had to live my life holding on to secrets about myself due to fear of being chastized or shunned by others. I'm learning that this is something that I need to work on and stop the self hate and accept myself for who I really am. To realize that everyone is different and we can't help the way we were born. I feel that even though I might be different than most people I still have much to offer. Our differences is what makes all of us unique. Bigitry will never go away there is always going to be narrow minded people out there that feel they need to judge people bc they are different. The key is be the bigger person than the ones who judge raise your head up high and live well. Living well sometimes is the best revenge. HW


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