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Connections between Witches



This is something that has really intrigued me. Since being a member here I have learned how easy it is for witches to connect to one another! I never realized that I could pick up on each witches energy signature. Which at first freaked me out but now i have become acustom to it. The thing I have recently been noticing about myself is that bc witches can connect easily the amount of emotions that can play into this. I find myself being drawn to certain people and have a influx of different emotions at the same time for me being a loner most of my life I find it wonderful and confusing at the same time. Is it bc we are witches that we feel emotions so strong? And this being somewhat new to me I wonder if this is normal or not. I have made many friends on here and enjoy my time on here. So I'am just trying to sort out these emotions and figure out what it all means. Just been whats on my mind today. :thinking:

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I think it is normal. I don't know if witches necessarily feel emotions more strongly than anyone else. But I think some witches have the learned talent or natural ability to really pick up on people. And I also think that witches know how to project their emotions more clearly and powerfully.

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