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Ocean Altar Complete!



Well, I finally managed to finish setting up my ocean altar, using a lot of the items I scavenged off of the beach.


I rubbed everything down with some home-made florida water (the poor girl's version):


Two cups of tap water

Pinch of salt

5 drops Magnolia Oil

5 drops Ylang Ylang Oil

3 drops Lemon Oil

3 drops Bergamot Oil

2 drops Sandalwood Oil


And then I set everything up and did some meditation before the altar. Now, I'm not currently working with any specific god forms or energies, I just wanted to connect with the ocean. But at the end of my meditation, I sprinkled both the altar and myself with some of my left over Florida Water. On the third altar sprinkle, my right hand (the hand doing the sprinkling) didn't look like my own. It looked kind of like an old lady's. That was interesting, but I'm not sure what it means.


Anyway, here is the altar as it stands today:




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