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Introspection of a Witch



This is my first entry in my new blog. I recently have been looking inside myself and really looking at my feelings and how it pertains to me as a person and a Witch. Many dark memories from my past I seem to dwell on,which is the thing that holds me back in many facets of my life. We learn valuable lessons from our pain and suffering but after these lessons are learned we need to know when to let the bad thought and memories to disolve away and not dwell. If we don't we create a negative energy around ourselves that festers like a disease which breaks us down physicaly and mentaly and emotionaly . That is when our power as a witch becomes weak and the negativity spreads to other people usually the ones we most care about. When we learn to set the bad memories free we can see then the true beauty of life around us as we realize this we start to grow as a person and a witch we can reclaim our power. Happiness and fullness can then enter our lives and we create a positive energy around us which will glow like the light of a bright star. AS this happens people around us feel peace and attract to us and our positive energy can heal ouselves and others. This is my personal realization! I'm in the process of excepting who I am and learn to embrace it no matter what others might say or think. To become a witch and a person with self love and self pride. To all that read this know that even if life seems too hard and dark we all have an inner beauty and positive light. We can feel and live this if we are willing to throw away our negative baggage and find the peace and light in all of us. You are all special in your own way let your true self shine! :sunny: HW

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Letting go is indeed a difficult thing to achieve, sometimes. But, climbing down that ladder is often the best thing on can do, to free the past.

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