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The South Wind



This weekend I went camping in the desert with Physicist. The wind was intense and I remembered something I had read about the four winds. I talked to Mr. P about the concept of the four winds and wondered out loud which wind this would be. Immediately I 'heard' a big voice saying SOUTH.


As we carried on our conversation, I continued to wonder how the winds would be differentiated since clearly winds don't only blow in four discrete directions. I made a joking theory that all winds were just one wind with multiple personality disorder. As soon as I said it I heard the same voice say NO.


I do not think the wind approved of me very much that night.

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I was going to ask you earlier if you went camping before we ran out of time-so happy to hear you got out into Nature! :D


I think I mentioned this in chat a while ago, but I had the statement "They're chasing their stories" randomly pop into my head as I watched gusts of wind breeze through the aspen trees in my yard.  I think the "They" connotation pertained to both the trees and the wind.


Frankly ,I wondered the same thing about differentiation when it came to the ocean.  I thought "Hey, all the water is inter-connected, so it should be the same or very similar, right?"  Well, after the trip last month, I found out I was mostly wrong.


It's all so confusing, isn't it?  Yet wondrous at the same time.

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