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Summer's End



As the summer closes I look back at a few of the things that have waxed and waned over the last several months. One of these was an interesting ride I've taken involving an amateur "investigation" of murder-suicides in the region. This was prompted by a young man who randomly approached me at a local department store at 1am one weekend a few months back, he appeared to work there although I have not seen him since that night. This investigation has perplexed me ever since. The precise details aren't exactly important to share in a blog, but I have done something that most "normal" people would not ever consider doing...murder-suicide cases are generally "case closed" almost immediately because law enforcement only looks at the mundane details of the crime.


One of the first things I did was find information about the case that the young man had approached me about. A few years ago he and his younger brother had found his mother dead from a gunshot and her boyfriend dead of an apparent suicide in a nearby bathroom. What was intriguing-- other than the random conversation this guy had with me when he seemed "spirit driven" to speak with me about it--was the fact that I had been in that house in the past when a friend of mine used to rent it. This particular friend's father drowned in front of him at a nearby lake when he was about 10 years old. I felt inspired to go by the house and snoop around a little bit, No Trespassing signs be damned. I didn't find anything particularly interesting but I could see blood stained carpet through one of the windows. No eerie spirit contacts at the house site, however later on that afternoon I drove past it again and my tire blew out on my truck as I passed the house. I felt as though I was under attack and it only made me want to dig deeper into what may be going on around here.


That's what I did, I dug deeper...I printed out a map of the area and a few surrounding counties and marked locations of every known murder-suicide in the last 10 years as well as marked the locations of a mass murder, locations of human remains, and downed planes...usually small Cessnas with either no fatality or a single pilot fatality. What I found was actually shocking as there is a a noticeable pattern in an almost "lay line" fashion of these occurences. I was particularly shocked to learn that one of the more recent ones happened right up the road from me while I lived in another state.


During all of this I noticed a surge of spiritual activity in my life, the reasons for it are still not quite clear to me. The trees, the animals, and even something inhuman that I'm familiar with started hanging close to the house, they all became more communicative with me. There was another murder-suicide a few days into this investigation about 35 miles from here, a young family of 4. I became concerned that here was this "thing" that I was supposed to stop or do something about and it drove me nuts for a little while.


About three weeks ago there was another occurrence on my road. A woman had killed all four of her dogs and a couple of cats and attempted suicide....however, she didn't die. A few days ago she was released from the hospital and spoke to one of my other neighbors and brought him some items (I haven't yet learned what they are.) My mother, although misguided about many many things and cannot keep her mouth shut about certain things, warned him not to accept items from her because there were demons involved. I'm kind of close with my neighbor because he's an old environmental and horticultural engineer...he was talking with me about it kind of poking fun at her about it. I was rather alarmed but I didn't let him know that. My mother is sensitive to some things (I get it from her side of the family) but is only able to use what she knows as a reference point (the Bible.) I'm considering trying to set up a chat of some sort with this lady just to get a baseline of what may be going on this close to the house. I also am not sure it's one of my best ideas.


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Wow!  I remember the first time we chatted you were still processing the run-in with the guy at the store and figuring out you'd been in that house.  Didn't realize it had progressed so much.  Keep us posted?

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Wow, Cap. That sounds really interesting. I'll be interested to find out what happens.

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