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Dreaming of Spellworkings




I received a gift from a friend, a little packet of soil with a bags of seeds - four-leaf clover seeds. Fairly simple stuff - you open the packet, put the seeds in, add water, and wait, or at least that is what I can make of the German instructions.

So, I opened the package, sowed the seeds, and went to bed. That night, I had a dream unlike any other...


I dreamt of an ambiguously sexed person, older than me but not elderly, showing me a charm, using the clovers. The clovers were the four-leafed ones, I knew, but they looked very different - the leaves were simple geometric shapes, some were green and some red, and none had four leaves, only two - however, I knew them to be the clovers I just planted in the waking world. They showed me how to harvest them, leaving long stems, and how to strip long, thing, stringy strips of bark from a Babylon Willow tree and use it to tie the clovers together into a bouquet. The bouquet was small I knew, but it seemed so large and full and vibrant.


They handed me the tools and said, "Use this to protect yourself" and I got an imagine of me hanging it in the doorway, then the window, and then under my bed, and I saw his/her mouth twist into a pleasant smile.


I woke up remembering this red and green, geometric, vibrating bouquet and I have yet to forget it. Now, I wait for the clovers to come!



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