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The Temple of The Sun (Brodgar Stone Circle, Orkney) 5th August 2012.



I will be adding to this - if I am allowed, since in the two weeks we were on Orkney we visited most of what is Orkney, visiting Neolithic villages, Stone Circles and Passage Tombs and Brochs. We saw burials complete with Skeletal remains of Humans sometimes in a viewing room, sometimes on a farm where a farmer had dug up the bones sensitively, and not leaving a stone or fragment that meant 'something' to the people 'it' or 'they' surrounded. These farmers were 'canny' insofar as they asked archaeologists who came to dig on their land what they intended to do with the finds on their land and most said they would be farmed out to the various Museums in Scotland, whereupon, most farmers dug their toes in the land, pulled out a shotgun and told the Archaeologists in no uncertain terms to get off their land! The furthest Passage tomb from Orkney proper was on an island farthest from Orkney to the south called South Ronaldsay, where we met the Tomb of the Eagles just yards from a cliff straight down to the North Sea three hundred feet below. The tomb of the Eagles is larger than Unstan - another Passage grave we visited and 'connected' with its ancestors. The bones of course had long gone - shipped off to the Museum in Kirkwall as was the same for the Tomb of the Eagles, but Spirits don't need their bones when they can roam the passages and yelp 'Boo!' at anyone psychic enough to hear them!


Orkney itself, is a large island, and had a lot of Stone Circles on it. Some such as the Ring of Steness (The Temple of the Moon) - so called by the locals we could see from our bedroom window at the cottage we had rented. It was a wonderful sight as well as a Templic Site. It carries a huge altar stone four feet by four feet to the North of the two largest stones some thirty-five feet high with an angled shape near the top as though pointing to something in the sky. At night , we braved the Ness (a narrow causeway across the Loch to the Ring of Steness which was some distance past the Ring of Brodgar - the largest at, at least one hundred feet in diametre. Its stones having a similar pointed look like teeth waiting for lunch. Brodgar had an outlyer called the Comet Stone to the South, and judging by its position, must be somewhat like the Heel Stone at Stonehenge - pointing the rising of the Sun on Midsummer. At the opposite end of the Ring of Brodgar was a similar though lower and smaller stone marking out the Winter Solstice in December. The Comet stone though was carved near the top giving it the appearance of a male Penis. So it wasn't difficult to reason that this was used for fertility rites at some time in the past. The Ring of Steness didn't have these outlyers like Brodgar did and must have been used for a different focus. The Watch Stone - part of the Stenness complex was divorced from the circle proper by the Road which seemed to bisect it from the main circle - but I don't think this mattered too much to the stones or to the builder's of the circle in the first instance. We went to Stenness at night and we had a full Moon on the stones. It was a beautiful sight The shimmering patterns on the stones from the Moon didn't just light up the stones but seemed to make them glow slightly. There are three stones like an altar with two stones close together - like a siting slot between them, where, on midsummer's day, the light of the Sunset would creep across the land for two miles or so to the Chambered Cairn of Maes Howe, where we were told by its 'keeper' the sun would shine down the entrance and light up the 'cells' of the burials on either side of Cairn. This last burial place wouldn't allow us or anyone visiting, to photograph the inside of Maes Howe for any reason - though we paid £8.00 each to get into it and see the viking scribbles that had been put there when they were forced to shelter in the tomb one wild and stormy night.


We have photographs to accompany this blog, and we will reduce them in size (since I took them using the raw format on my camera to preserve all of the details that they could give). But that's for later! You may ask questions or comment as you wish and I'll do my best to answer all questions. foxman

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I have been to most places in the South of England - except The King's Stones and there are a lot! I've been to most of the Stones in Cornwall - but my favourite was Trethlevy Quoit! Why? Well, I'm not particularly psychic and can't magic up a vision at the snap of my fingers. So if I have an experience that is 'other-worldly' I 'do' take notice of it. When I visited Trethlevy Quoit I got the strong impulse to climb into it. It's not easy to get into - especially for a guy of my girth, being one fat beggar! Trethlevy is situated on a field similar to a 'Green' with houses on all four sides roughly about a hundred yards from the monument. I didn't give a hoot who saw me climb into the thing - this was as much my sacred site as anyone' else's! When I got into it, I sat down where the shaft of light from the Sun shone through the hole made into its cover when the Ancestors built the Quoit. I leaned against the stone on which the light of the Sun washed down onto the ground where I sat. L closed my eyes and cleared my mind. I waited with a blackboard of nothingness  where my eyelids where. After a while i could feel something happeining to my body - like pins and needles all over my body. I opened my eyes slightly so that the eyelashes are still enmeshed and saw a movement in front of me. it wwas shadowy and indistinct. It wasimppossible to say whether it was a man or a woman but the figure was thin and had long blonde or silver hair - I couldn't tell which - but it shone from the light from the Sun.



The person raised its left arm and put the back of its hand on its forehead with the fingers pointing up, and the palm facing towards me - there was something tattoed on the palm but I couldn't see what it was. Then the figure bowed to me three times with its hand in the same position. There was no vioce but I felt rather than heard in my head, My 'remains' are under your arse! inside my kist. there are four others here with me and are a part of my family. You have come back to find your path to how it used to be. Then the figure was gone. About the same time the pins and needles also went and I got up rather stiffly and climbed back the way I had come. Two of the members of our Clan mentioned I had been in there a long time as they we thinking of coming in to get me - in case I had hahd an Asthman attack (which I suffer from). You've been there an hour! It felt like five minutes.



On the way back to the Camp Site at St.Austel, I found a pretty red and blue bead also a piece of the top of a Funerary Urn in my pocket. I had no recollection of putting it there - but there they were! I've not b een back to that site, yet, but I felt a lot different from that moment on. I continued to other sites in Cornwall, such as Chun Quoit opposite a cottage owned by an artist who had lots of stuff relating to Earth Magic. Dalmary Pool was an 'odd' place It felt like Trethlevy Quoit - as if it was a gateway into another world. I wasn't sure but, as I glanced down at the Sunlight reflecting on the water, it seemed that the soil or earth on which the water rested, was littered with tiny specks of gold. I got the feeling that this place had a link with Lyonesse, but promised myself that I would come back. One of my member's (now an Elder)  lives near here and she said that it was a really spooky place at times and that she believed it was a gateway too. If you go to Cornwall You really aught to go to one of the most magical if not The most Magical places in the UK is St. Nectan's Glen. I personally think that Nectan was a Goddess that the Christians 'hung'  the epithet St, onto in order to somehow 'Christianise' - but its not! Its in private hands now but no one stops you going there and seeing the waterfall and getting the sense of ' something' else there watching you - not malefic just curious. If you beleive in Elves and Faerie this is the place to go to see them - and you will with not much trouble - but its a case of seeing out the corner of your eye - a movement, and when you turn to look full on - its gone! But you know it was there, smaller than a child fae with an impish grin leaving you with a memory of something you are questioning whether you actually did see it? Believe it . You did. I'm no more crackers than you. foxman

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