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From another thread...




"I have recently become acquainted with a Theistic Satanist and my impression is of sincerity, no nonsense, serious minded, but able to have fun same as anybody else. Of course, he keeps his religion if any, a private matter, and I don't pry. I asked for help and he was the only person on the planet that has been able to help me in any spiritual sense and to make good positive changes in my life without asking me to change my beliefs, per se. I feel he has the good of the earth and people at heart especially children and hates tyrants of any kind. He seeks balance, as do most reasonable people. His ability to work with infernal deity is an talent I do not possess and perhaps never shall. So my view of the good or bad of this person isn't limited to xtian ideas I grew up with. I have doubts at times but then I read his blog and it all seems silly to be afraid of or hateful towards his belief system. It has helped me and I hope that I will feel like a winner just by association, so to speak. Well, that is another matter ! lol (long story)"


I re post my comment here to make a point. Yesterday I wrote about a friend I made who seems to have drawn out some negative commentary on the quality of said friendship and or his website. I post in my blog the above comment only to add my PERSPECTIVE on that wee bit of unnecessary drama which I didn't start. (nope did not means someone else did and my response was not drama, though natural considering the last answers I got)


1. I am not a slave to any person, place, or thing on earth or the Universe.


2. I do become over involved at times when I have enough free time. This does not equate with slavery or servitude. (see above #1)


3. Training of any kind requires practice which I will pursue at my discretion, not other peoples. Yes, training involves practice which inherently is repetitive. (again see #1))


4. My choice of friends should not be questioned by other members here. Your paranoia is your own so keep it to yourself. I don't want to own it. :yuck:


5. I will follow any path if it helps me become who I wish to be. I have an inquiring mind and will study as my heart leads me. I am a free spirit not bound by the boundaries of others perspectives or beliefs etc.. ad nauseum.



OK. I think that about covers most of what I had to finish saying about the original question I posted. I don't require comments here but if you wish to PM me fine but again, don't step on my toes doing so or it will get you into hot water with me and that isn't going to be pretty. Hearsay and gossip will be considered with the same negative response possible with stepping on my toes.


Thanks for understanding. :blobfire: :flyaway: :rolleyes: :goodluck: :chomp: :chillpill:



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