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Aussies, Tea, and Me




Someone needs to alert the Australian public that other nationalites are quite familliar with what hot tea is. I know that I'm from the US, and that we are famed for drinking coffee, but if one more person says, "Would you like a cup of tea? We drink it a lot here you know. Usually with milk and sugar." I'm going to snap.


It's like hearing, "Would you like some tea? It is this hot beverage we drink which is plant matter steeped in nearly boiling water to which we add sweetner and this white stuff we squirt out of cows."


I've been drinking hot tea almost daily since I was a kid -- knock it off!


Constance --->:patsch:<--- Over-explaining Aussie



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Rowan's Light


LOL I know how you feel, when I lived in Hants (South of England) with my hubby people kept giving me neat whisky, because they thought that because I was Scots I'd appreciate it.


Er no! I prefer vodka really but if you have to please add water and plenty of it!


(No offence to our Southerners it was just his friends, I'm sure they thought I was from another planet mind you most people do LOL)

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My husband prefers to drink hot tea...cold tea if it is sweetened...but mostly hot tea :) He HATES coffee LOL!

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*Shudders* at straight whisky. Brrrr!


Another weird thing about tea here is that you can't get plain cold sweet tea in the shops -- you can only get flavored iced tea (lemon, mango, peach -- bleh). So I make my own and bottle it and keep it in the fridge at all times. I'm slowly converting the Aussies I know to it. :D

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