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Tarot a Day




Yesterday and today I shuffled my Mythic Tarot deck thoroughly and then picked the top card after cutting the deck in half. Yesterday was the Four of Wands, and actually the day before this I got Temperance. Today was Nine of Wands. They all so oddly fit with my thoughts and feelings it was profound. Each day!!! So I had to write something about it here. I wrote a blog entry for today's card at Deviantart dot com. http://theneva.deviantart.com/ also. So now I'm motivated to continue the daily card reads. It can only get better. Or maybe it's just the fact that I'm a stickler for shuffling thoroughly enough. lol I used to play solitaire a lot. A LOT. My gramma did too. Guess I picked up the habit from her a bit. She never read tarot but cards feel familiar to me in so many ways.



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Why not just put this on Autumn Moon's Daily Draw thread? 

Oh I forgot about that, maybe I shall transfer it. Thanks.

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