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Lady of the Woods

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It feels like I"m in the process of redefining my views and practices to a more mature level. Once upon a time I really thought control was my main focus in living in the world but his has become less important than connecting. To people, to nature, to myself through various practices that include some control but not always the only need. Wishing for things to change isn't enough to define who I've become. I make them happen or I don't. Do or do not... as Yoda said. lol. Now that dates me a tad since I was 18 when Star Wars came out. Ha thrice!!! Yeah, 1976 that was. Subtle are the ways of this witch, so others say and I say it is partial, only part of the how of my path and ways. If need be I'll just take charge and not allow others to run me. I like that idea a lot more nowadays. :wink:


Meditation helps me with ideas and keeping my mind uncluttered. Psychopian magick fascinates me and incorporates certain meditation techniques. Hand signs help the intention of the directed meditations. I'm no good at explaining so I'll add a video link here...



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