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Guess who didn't get anything done today?



Go ahead -- guess!


You got it in one. I innocently stepped out of the house today to do some banking and buy a pen at the stationery store and ran into a new neighbor. She lives in the next block of apartments over and is apparently starving for new friends. So she latched on to me today. She even took me to my bank, in case I couldn't find it, despite me telling her I've lived here for eight months. She even bought me a boquet of white daiseys to "welcome me to Australia." Did I mention I've lived here for eight months?


Don't get me wrong, she was very nice. And also completely smashed out of her mind on booze. She's an artist, and from what she showed me of her work (yes, we spent the whole day running errands together and then walked back to her place where I was treated to an impromptu art show), she does some pretty good stuff.


I just didn't want to spend the whole day looking at it. But she really seemed like she needed someone to talk to. So, I'm going to do my best to be kind to her (not my forte, by any means). But I am probably going to do some spell work so that she's not banding on my door every morning, wanting me to go out with her. *shudder*


So, no altar built and no review finished -- but I did get the dishes and laundry done. Rah.


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hang in there, sometimes you need to be blunt about things, but be blunt in a nice way for starters

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LOL!!! I can relate!!! I didnt get shit accomplished today either LOL

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Bwahaha! As long as I'm not alone in accomplishing nothing. :)


Hex, hex, hex, that's all it is with you, Dark Phoenix! ;)

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Seems like Dark Phoenix adheres to that statement "Hex first - ask questions later".

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