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So I'm curious, in the last year, due to some events that have happened, i have had a few run in's with the fae folk and some things very evil. it seems to have settled down now, but i was hoping to hear every one else's opinions on fauns, satyrs, and nature spirits in general.


Are they believed in by some people here? were your experiances good or bad? and if you're not comfortable saying so for any reason but would still like to comment a private message will do :smile:


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We have a "General Discussion" area on the Forum, which is accessible to Seekers.  Why not Search for this topic, and if you can't find anything, start a new thread.  I know others would be interested in reading and responding to it. 


I don't know about others, but I hardly ever even look in the Blogs.  I just clicked on this by accident.



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No problem. I think you will get a lot of responses in the public forum.

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I've had three experiences where on the first occasion I saw an elf - its not how I presumed it to be, but when I asked my Auntie about it - what I saw was Elf-fire, floating in the air about three feet from the ground burning but no discernible wood or fuel it was drawing its energy from. The second time was meeting a gnome underground - its frightening because its silent and comes on you unexpected. It can be dangerous or friendly - you have to play it by ear. The one I saw was neither friendly nor aggressive though it was upset that I was there. The third Fae event was the real thing and looked like a little man. He was very tanned and wore a brown tunic and trousers. He blended into the woodland in which he stood. I had been crying because my mother and father had died and I realised I was alone. my youngest brother, david, died when I was six from Whooping cough. My eldest Brother died in Adegem, Belgium during the Second World War - I only remember seeing him twice. I felt that the wood Spirit knew why I was crying  and I heard him speak inside my head. He offered me this strange stone, shaped like a 't' made of flint and covered in parts with chalk. He said Rub this if you need us and someone will visit you - but when you are asleep. I still have this stone and it has helped me in times of trouble - like on several occsions when I was in mortal danger in my life. It is not the only stone that I have it has lead me to other stones for various reasons. foxman.

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