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Numerology Report




blog-0062204001377818795.jpgYour Third Period Cycle


The duration of the First Period Cycle runs from age 56 onwards.


Your Third Period Cycle is 5


A period of rapid progress and much change. You are learning the lesson of freedom. You will travel, move your residence many times, and change jobs. You are footloose. It is a time when you will be free of the burdens of responsibility. You will have a flair for successfully promoting yourself. Your abilities with words will be greatly enhanced. You can learn foreign languages, write, and edit. You will meet many exciting people, visit foreign lands, and encounter many new ideas. Identify yourself with all that is progressive and farsighted in your field. Seek change and take hold of new opportunities.

(this was taken from part of my numerology information)

9.degrees to 20 degrees Capricorn January 01 to January 10 (5-10 degrees) is Poyel - guardian angel of support and fortune First/Second Decan Capricorn/Capricorn Ruler Saturn element earth

The guardian angel for the month of Capricorn is Hanael the angel of compassion and love. This guardian offers an individual to look deep within to find the light of compassion and bring it forth and let it shine in humanitarian ways. We extend our heart-felt feelings and embrace more than we are towards a broader consciousness making us aware that what we say will touch.





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