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Lady of the Woods

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Spiritual Biography



My path has become a bit blurred in the past few years only because of many hardships my family and I have had to endure. Needless to say, I was once on a solid path that has become shaken. Went back to xtian roots but am not totally focused on religion per se, just wanting to control my own beliefs and spiritual endeavors. I believe in magic, always have to some degree. Am a former member of ADF~ A Druid Fellowship. I follow OBOD on Facebook and the www but am not a member of that group. I believe in norse pantheon as well as celtic. Brighid is my patron goddess/ saint. I believe in angels, saints, various dieties, and ancestors. I don't necessarily worship all or any one particular, though my first exposure to religion was xtian so that has stayed with me fairly strongly. My birth month angel is Gabriel and I do believe he has come to my aid when the need was urgent or very strong because I called on him at such times. He saved my life once! (literally) Am learning more about angels lately especially archangels and my personal sun sign angels, Poyel and Haniel. I also belive in Loki, The Source and Faeries.


Druid Home website has some of my poetry on it. http://www.angelfire.com/art/DruidHome/

ADF http://www.adf.org/core/


I prefer meditation to show me the light rather than casting spells, but I occasionally do both. I love Osho for meditational ideas and techniques, though Chopra is good too. I like to meditate and write poetry. I can play the flute and own a harmonica but haven't learned it yet. I also own some other percussion instruments and want to learn drumming. I love music! I love animals but my personal favorites are horses, dogs, fox and aquatic mammals. I have a special bond with horses, I can communicate with them and they trust me very quickly /easily. I prefer to use my own insight or inner sight to learn how to do things or guide me on my way or path. I think a lot. lol.. and I live in my head most of the time, it's an only child thing. I suppose it helps me to "see" what others don't always see. Sometimes I can see auras, if they are strong enough.


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