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My latest batch of Tarot Bags





Here three of them are in all of their glory (on my lovely faux-wood grain computer desk).


This time, I've actually taken to naming the designs. The yellow one is the "Catherine," and named after my grandmother, who crocheted me my first tarot bag. The purple one is the "Elaine," and named after my Mother. And the black and purple one is the "Eastern," named after my favorite cemetery in Louisville.


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I would have to say that my favorite one is the black one. But then again I just love the color black ( or as I think I read on here somewhere or heard it elsewhere the shade of black as it is not a color but a emptyness of the other colors in the rainbow)

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Really nice, Constance. I want one too. I can't decide between them though, I want 'em all. Do you sell them? I've tried crocheting, but...um..can't! LOL

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This is beautiful work. Are they purchase-able? I would like to buy one for my SIL, for Her cards. I am willing to pay a fair price plus air postage, or however fast you can send it from there. A lavendar color.

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