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Whats in a name?




Been thinking about labels used by magickal practitioners lately, there are so many that folks use sometimes they describe in some way the type of magick they do and or are cultural, some like magickian and sorcerer literally just mean someone that practices magick/sorcery. Many are historical often with their origins lost in the mists of time and some abstract or controversial in their original meaning or have meanings that have possibly changed over time. Often they in some way sum up the practitioners relationship to the art of magick.

Sometimes they are bestowed upon one practitioner by another (or group) probably more often they are adopted by the practitioner themselves as a sort of statement of intent to follow a particular path. One title that stands out I think, maybe partly because it is in plain English, is `Wiseman' or `Wisewoman'. Seems to me that the title of Wiseman or Wisewoman can only really bestowed upon someone by others, surely it is for others to decide if you are wise or not and that it is odd that anyone would bestow it upon themselves especially if when all to often, it is something they appear to lack.

On the same note is it fair to call yourself the village witch if the village in which you live itself doesn’t see you as such?



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