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They are me.



The strength of my ancestors runs deep in my veins, and I can feel them all around me now. I've totally surprised myself these past few months. I've shed my tears and came out with more strength than I have ever felt I had in me, and I've been fearlessly moving forward from my sense of security... toward something better. And that's being alone, taking care of only myself, concering myself with only my well-being. And I do wish him peace, love, happiness, prosperity, but I no longer worry if he will find that with me. I don't really care if he does. I'm focused. Everything else is secondary.

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I've found when I don't know what to do or of I can do any more to take time to work with the ancestors. They lived long before, longer sometimes than my current year, and continue to live on in another space so they a lot of times h e excellent guidance.

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