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Selling Witchcraft



So lately I've been coming across a theme on the internet with bloggers about the trend of witchcraft, the selling of witchy products and the seemingly endless lot of "witches" who are copying other witches to try and make a buck. This post by Nefaeria got me thinking, as did this one by Sage and Bone. It does seem that there is now a proliferation of "witches" (I use quotations because I am not entirely convinced they're all witches) who whip up some ointments, oils, herbal concoctions etc to make a quick buck and it is concerning because as Nefaeria mentions, a lot of these products contain entheogens of varying degrees. It is almost like some of them woke up and decided to whack out some flying ointments without a care as to what they were putting in. I'll admit I've been experimenting with ointments and whatnot but some plants like Datura scare the shit out of me yet these people blindly buy some from a random place and add it in. I for the life of me can't figure out why these people who have little or no experience with dangerous herbs would do this. I mean don't they get that they could be sued if some one gets poisoned? Or worse yet, dies?


Is it an arrogance that the minute you decide you're a witch you feel like you can run around using dangerous plants? Is it thinking that witchcraft is a way to make a quick buck? Chuck up some pretty glitter wands and flog them? Do any of these people actually care about what they're selling or is all about the money? Do new witches suddenly think that because they're witches they can whore out the Craft and posture about, letting everyone know they're a witch and they sell witch stuff? I know there are genuine witches out there making a living and doing the best they can and I feel like they are the ones getting kicked in the pants by the wannabes who see it as a money machine and not something to be respected and revered. I know some of my fellow witches here sell on Etsy and your items are beautiful, personal and powerful. If a witch wants to go into business, why not do something like you guys do? Something that matters and has purpose.


I'll be the first to admit that I had created a large website with the intention of selling wholesale mass produced witch stuff. But it felt dead and empty to me, the products were a means to an end and I found that I didn't enjoy it anymore. So I emptied my store and am now re-evaluating where I want to go with my business. To me, it feels as though these other "witches" doing this can't be true witches because they are selling what everyone else is selling in hopes of making money. I know for me, the path I want to take now is more personal, beautiful handcrafted items, things I grow and make myself.


To me, my path is a beautiful and sacred thing, it is who I am and when I do eventually go back to selling it will be select items that I feel would enhance the path of other witches, some will be wholesale things (popular like cauldrons etc) but a bulk of it will be handcrafted by me or by others I know. I feel like there is a bastardisation of witchcraft in business and I would rather see people scale it back to making personal items that mean something as opposed to signing up to a wholesale site and listing 7000 products. It's too much and I think it cheapens the Craft at every turn.


I just wish there could be a little more respect for the path we walk instead of seeing it as a money making opportunity. I really wish that these "witches" could see that they're hurting something larger than themselves, and most of all I wish they truly understood what it means to be a witch because I think they would think twice about what they do or say. Especially the ones who, like Sage and Bone mentions, change their spirituality like they change their underwear.

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This is such a beautifully considered blog and I agree with your sentiments absolutely.

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I was looking at the flying ointments on Etsy just a couple of days ago, wondering if anyone would seriously try to sell them, and if they were real flying ointments or simply snake oil. And I was shocked at how many flying ointments there were on Etsy alone. But, when I think about it, snake oil was pretty prolific back in the day, too. And a lot of people bought it because they didn't know better.

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I think you are....%100 correct in your observations, Stacey, and have elucidated those thoughts so well. I wish all those other sellers were like you!

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Mountain Witch


I agree wholeheartedly with you, Stacey. Whether they're real witches or no, the majority are cashing in (or attempting to) on the current "witch" craze. This is why, if I don't make a product myself, I only buy from those I am certain are the for-real thing and know what the hell they're doing, post the appropriate warnings and give appropriate care in the manufacture of their products.


Personally, I'm waiting to hear about a lawsuit. Or five.


Edited to add: I hate autocorrect. Impossible to enumerate list items.

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Guest Sage Stonepath


I imagine the current witchcraze is stemming from the whole 2012 doomsday puffery. People becoming witchified because witches deal with destruction, right?


I see the sites, sometimes price out items, ultimately just close the page. I think flying ointments should be made by the person who uses them, never bought from someone in another state. I see them as fortune tellers. sell you what you want to hear, a talisman or potion for some coins. All wanting to claim the title of Official Witch of the Internet.


good blog. creates a lot of thinking and conversations. Thank you.

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Especially when you're new to the craft, it's hard to distinguish real from phony. You make a valid point. Buyer beware.

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I agree with you wholeheartedly I wanted to something similar to what you are wanting but kept being pushed by customers to do what everyone else does so I quit selling it period.  Now I only do readings and the occasional spell casting without any objects used.  I do want to get back to my original idea now that ebay no longer deals with paranormal listings

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Very well said!

A very select few know what I do, and what I make. 

I have always felt odd when people offer to pay me. It has always, in my mind, been a gift. 

The herbs and oils have been given freely from the earth. So I give them back to help others. 

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