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There are people who can deicipher dreams so I've heard but, it is my opinion here that it is usually best for the dreamer to do the code breaking of the sub-conscious mind for them self instead of others interpretating their dream. I have been doing this for years since I do dream a lot.


I have had on regular basis lucid dreaming, recurring and progressive...


The recurring dream is the repetition of the same dream, it can be dreamt of periodically or more frequent (i.e. nightly, weekly etc). It is said that when we go to sleep and our conscious mind shuts off and the sub-conscious mind awakes, our sub-conscious if it feels that we need to solve or understand something that has been troubling us we will have a dream that will play over and over again. The dream may not resemble or even relate to the events our conscious mind witnessed but the dream will keep coming back to us until we actually figure out what is to be recognised, overcome or understand.



This can occur for a week, months or even years it all depends on the individual. Over the years I've recorded my ordinary dreams through notes as I forget them but I have about a half dozen or so that I will never have to write down because they stay with me whether I sleep or am awake. This can be frustrating at certain time and drains me of mental energy but at the same time quite cool.



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