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Update on Curly

Mountain Witch


For those who are concerned ...


My friend is a retired Naturopathic Doctor who is homeschooling their youngest child. Unfortunately, there's no money for vets but Laura's awfully good at treating the family - even the 4-legged ones.


Curly is an outdoor/indoor cat. When he came in yesterday morning, he was staggering around & vomiting, which led Laura to believe he'd been poisoned. She treated him appropriately for that and kept giving him water to keep him hydrated. A few hours later, the vomiting had subsided but he started sneezing, his eyes became rheumy and his breathing became labored but his breathing finally normalized and he slept for awhile.


She woke him up yesterday evening to give him some more water & noticed that he appeared blind - he wasn't responding to visual stimuli. He did complain about his situation (a good sign) and staggered under the daughter's bed to sleep.


This morning, she thinks he can see shadows but in addition to affecting his eyesight, he apparently has some neurological damage to his legs - he takes "little old lady" steps and can't lift his legs high enough to get into the litter box.


All this is leading me to believe he hasn't been poisoned (at least in the conventional sense) but has been bitten by some spider - possibly a brown recluse, although Laura can find no bite site. He does, however, have thick fur which may be hiding it.


Curly is better but not out of the woods, yet. Any and all positive energy for Curly is much appreciated. He's only 8 and is a really sweet guy. (I told Laura I'd put the word out and she says to convey her thanks to everyone.)


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I am sorry about Curly's situation and I do hope that he recovers as quickly as possible. Thanks for sharing your news of your friend's cat.

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Sorry to hear such news. Positive engery heading Curlys' way. Please keep us updated on his porgress.

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Oh wow poor kitty. I saw your message and did a little something. I will keep him in my thoughts.

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Mountain Witch


Update from Laura a few minutes ago:


"Curly is MUCH better this morning! Thank, everyone, for all your help! His eyesight has returned - he spent several minutes freaking out at his own reflection in the oven door this morning, and then at all the reflections in the silverware while I was unloading the dishwasher. His right side is still weak; he walks like a stroke victim. But he's eating and drinking fairly normally, and he clambered in and out of the litter box. So it looks like he'll make a full recovery, thank heavens.


I'll probably never know what really happened to him, but as I was falling asleep last night it occurred to me that a single sting/puncture wound plus neurotoxicity probably equals a scorpion sting. I know our little brown scorpions are measly compared to some of the instantly-deadly ones out west, but the one time I was stung here in our yard, I had scary symptoms before I could get back into the house and take a big dose of benadryl. Curly loves to play with and eat anything that moves, so if he found a scorpion, you can bet he'd try to catch and eat it.


So anyway, thanks for all your love and support. Curly looks like he'll come out of this relatively unscathed. Right now he's yowling at me because I won't let him go outside, the silly goose."



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So glad he's better, I freak out when I think the smallest thing is wrong with my cats so poor Curly's Mama must have been out of her mind!

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Glad Curly is doing better. Scorpions can be nasty little creatures. They make good "playmates."

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