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Dreamworld of Moonwood

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Fire Falling from the Sky




My family and I were inside our house. Although, it didn't look like my house, it was my house in the dream. Suddenly, I look out the window and I see a huge flock of pelicans/buzzard looking birds flying down from the sky in a distance. They are carrying huge tree limbs (oak tree limbs) by their beaks. I am watching them from a huge glass window in the house. They are running from something. They land in my garden. From the limbs I notice there are huge sacks of eggs attached. The eggs begin exploding. Mostly, the yellow yolks of the eggs were exploding everywhere. But, finally, one egg hatches another bird. I walked outside to see them. A bird with a burnt face, oozing with blood and guts walks over to me and places the baby in my hand.


Next, I am back inside and there are huge oak tree limbs falling into my house, busting holes in my roof and falling through the ceiling to the floor. Suddenly, almost the entire sky is exposed. The trees limbs that are falling are smoking. I began to notice that there are balls of fire/rock falling from the sky..causing the trees to break off instantly and fall into our house. My husband reaches up to try and stop the tree from falling through and his hand is hit by this fire and it instantly melts his hand to the bone. He has no skin, no blood, just instant bone..gray and charred.


The fire begans to fall by drops on me. It burns, but does not put a hole in me. I grab a hooded jacket and put it over me. I tell my children to go get their coats and hoods on. I call 911 and tell them that fire is falling from the sky..I look out of my roof..at the sky and I can see some kind of rock falling all over the earth from the sky. 911 says to me...mam, we have this situation under control. if you would like to come over here we can have a discussion and I can tell you about the events that are taking place on our planet right now. I tell him, fuck no...I ain't staying around to have no ridiculous discussion..I'm getting the hell out of here with my children. My husband wants to have this discussion, because he actually trusts the government. (which in real life he does not!) The 911 guy wants me to keep calm and not make a big deal out of this...as if it's a secret. I grab my kids and we get into this suv...a very nice one...like something undercover looking from the government.


We began driving down this really long bridge in the sky. It's very cloudy..the sky is shooting rocks out where I am at now. I am over water, but, I can't see very far in front of me. The bridge continues to get more and more narrow, the vehicle almost slips off the bridge...I gain control. I can see behind me in the mirror the destruction that earth is experiencing, but I am driving to I have no idea where......


I finally reach my destination. There are two US presidents at the end of the bridge. One is our current president and one of the past. They are shaking hands..as the kids and I get out the car.


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