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Dreamworld of Moonwood

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Dreaming of Two Full Moons and the Sun in sky at the same time



9/8/12 I entered a strange open piece of land. The only thing there was a trampoline, which I walked right past. I was holding the hand of my Aunt. It was daytime, but the light began phasing. The sun was bright only for a few minutes and the earth went dim. At this time, 2 full moons were visible along with the sun. I was amazed by what I saw. I said to myself, "Are we having an eclipse? No, we can't possibly be having an eclipse. I wouldn't be able to look up at the sky and see all three so clearly. This isn't humanly possible. " There were strangers around me. It wasn't crowded, just a few here and there in groups. There were also authoritative tall beings acting as guards. They knew what was happening but didn't want to speak of what was taking place. I continued walking on the earth towards the skies looking to the moons, completely fascinated. I was puzzled as to why the light from all three were not lighting up the earth.


Again, this is the third dream this week relating to something happening in the skies.


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