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Back to the Gypsy that I was

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Erzulie Freda - patron Loa



Erzulie Freda is the loa that I work with most of all. Of course before doing any ritual work with any Loa you must first ask Papa Legba to open the gates and give him an offering in order to make contact with the other Loa. She is traditionally seen as a pale skinned Loa, sometimes referred to as mulatto or even white skinned.


Erzulie Freda is the Loa of love, finery, beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxuries, and flowers. It is said that she has 3 husbands. All of them Loas in their own rights. Damballah, Agwe, and Ogoun. Her colors are pink, blue, white, and gold. When petitioneing her the best sacrifices include jewlery, perfumes, sweets and liquores.

She is a very jealous Loa, but a very powerful sorceress. She wants all the attention paid to her, especially if she is riding a servitor. IT is seen that when a servitor is being rode the horse will be very attentive to the men, and rude to the females. Her horses have to be clean, dressed immaculately, and scented sweetly for her to appear and ride them.


Erzulie Freda is both femininity and compassion embodied, as well as jealous and spoiled. She can be seen as lazy, but when properly petitioned and given attention to results are quick from Erzulie Freda.


When the slaves had to hide their worship of the Loa behind the appearance of catholic saints Erzulie Freda took on the mantle of Mater Dolorosa. 3213158837_af6b21a8b0.jpg




questions? Comments?

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As she is rude to females and attentive to men, I was curious what her attitude is toward gay men? Does it seem to make a difference to her if a man is not interested in women sexually?

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ah she seems to be very protective of homosexual males.

her sister Erzulie-Dantor is very protective of lesbians.

I feel she doesn't view homosexual men as a threat to her, because they would not be competing for the same males' attentions. And (stereotypicaly)gay males identify more with Erzulie Freda and her finery. So she often becomes a patron for a lot of homosexual males.

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Very cool, thanks for the info! You've given me an idea now, I may paint an Erzulie Dantor icon for a lesbian couple I love. :)

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Interesting you said 'Back to the gypsy that I was"... I have a Santero friend, and he loves that song, lol.



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Its probably my favorite song by Fleetwood Mac! So I decided to name my blog after it. Plus i think of myself as a gypsy in that I am constantly moving Not necessarily physically moving, but always moving mentally. A lot of times thoughts come back full circle, and practices that I grew up with I have come back to as I have added new elements to it. So I feel like the song spoke to me in that way.

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