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Using magic and ethics



I don't know if anyone else does this lol but I find addIng Majic to things I make is a really great way to use my craft and invoke magic at the same time. I use natural stone beads so combining amber with blue goldstone promotes strong healing or combining goldstone and carnilion for my family that lives out of state because it brings family together and promotes a strong family bond. It also makes beautifull jewelry that those I give it too wear a lot so the spell works much better. I love making something beautiful that brings something beneficial to those I give it too.

I also sell a small amount at a consignment art gallery where my work gets displayed with that of other artists that arent well known. I was very scared when I went in the first time because while my friends and family love what I make they arent really an honest opinion . To my total shock they took everything I had brought with me and even hired me to do some pieces from some very old trade beads they had. I was so exicited when I left and felt so proud of myself and the work i put into my jewelry.

I do have a ethical question that I've been struggling with , is energizing the jewelry I consign for sale appropriate . I'm woundering because they wanted a piece that I was wearing that was infused for healing and happiness and I allowed them to take it. Then afterwards I got to thinking about it and weather I should have done that. Obviously if it had been anything more I would have said no , but is it ok at all.

Then I really started thinking lol because I'm a analytical thinker and thought maybe it would be ok to do simple healing and energizing spells and what not if I made the purchaser aware of what I was doing by labeling it some how. I have never done anything like this before and I'm not real sure if I want to put myself out there like that lol. We are all aware of the nagative feed back that can come with being a witch and while being a medician woman on the reservation is ok and sometimes even admired it is very diffrent than being a witch and not given the same tolerance by everyone. So I'm trying to decide if putting myself out there like that is a good idea or not. I already took the risk of putting myself out there by taking my jewelry in and while I was pleasantly suprised at the feed back I'm not so sure if I'm ready for this level emotionally lol.

I am currently making beaded spiders that my kids love and put in there school lockers that I make with hematite for learning and creativity and howlite for easing tension and anxiety and is uplifting, calming and loving. I add a little ummph too my baking with herbs and spices which I have seen others here do as well. I love using my craft for things like this that I add to everyday iteams . I don't do a lot of rituals with these and I wounder about that occasionally lol I do sometimes light a candle but that's it lol.

Do any of the rest of you question yourself like this, I know its insecurity and I'm working on that however I'm curious if I'm super insecure or if it's pretty normal to feel this way. On the other hand I'm very secure about my magical abilitys with herbs and minerals that I know well and have great success with. I try to learn as much as I can from others so suggestions and ideas are always welcome.


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I wouldn't worry about it. I very rarely sell my art, but when I do it's always infused with magic, and the recipient doesn't always know. So for me, no I don't have an ethical issue with it. :) Others may disagree.

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I wouldn't worry too much. If you think marketing the items with their magical properties might help them sell, then sure go ahead. Otherwise how about secretly infusing them with a spell to make people want to buy more and more of your designs....lol just kidding!


I would love to see some of your items - can you post pics?

I have some old beaded necklaces that were my mothers and grandmothers which I wouldn't wear in there original form, but I have been thinking of taking apart and rethreading (possibly combining sets so I can have both close to me). I would love a few ideas.:grin_witch:

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