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Shades of the Night

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Will'o' wisps, Werewolves, and Bog Men! Oh my!



9/3/2012 The Moon was waning and 13 degrees Aries. Neptune was 01 degrees Pisces. Solar weather was clam while geomagnetic activity was slightly active.


This dream begins on a small boat, the ocean was turbulent and I remember another passenger with me a man with tan skin, brown hair and dark eyes. I didn't know is name but I called him Bud. We had finally reached our destination it was a beach surrounded by a thick and dense forest filled with large trees. I think they were fir trees. When we reached the beach we exited the boat and the woman who was rowing said that she was going into town to get supplies and told us only to stay by the edge of the woods, she reassured us she would come back to get us in the morning. Bud decided it would be a good idea to stay out of the storm under some trees I told him I would get fire wood so we could dry off and stay warm. The second I got the fire going a wisp wandered into our camp. Bud was a amazed by the creature having never seen an actual wisp before. I warned him that they were untrustworthy and notorious for leading people astray. Bud got a weird look in his eye, his eyes seemed to get very glossy and he was completely distracted by the glowing form. The wisp decided it had enough of our company and began to wander away from the camp. Bud followed the wisp and the faster bud fallowed the wisp evaded just ahead. I told myself I shouldn't go after him but against my better judgment I followed, at first calling after Bud but as we got deeper into the woods I began to throw rocks at him, trying everything to get him to stop following the wisp. It wasn't long before the woods got so thick that the moon was no longer visible. I heard a groan of agony followed by a shrill howl in the distance. When Bud stopped running we were in a clearing with a small bog. The strange bog had a green phosphorescent light that emanated from the dark water and countless wisps danced around the eerie green light, they danced in a circle with a fast staccato rhythm as if invisible music was driving them against their will. I turned my gaze back into the woods and saw something big dart across the tress and I could make out the shape. It was big ,larger than a normal person. A fiery pair of eyes peered out from the thick foliage. I focused my awareness out of my body and moved it closer, up near the creature. I got close enough to identify the monster and It was a werewolf. I returned my awareness to my body and began to charge a bolt of energy. A sizzling bolt of white hot light appeared in the palm of my hand. I was about to stun wolf but my intuition told me to stop, I sensed that it meant no harm and was merely watching us from the bushes and trees. I reasoned an unprovoked attack could make things worse. I returned my focus to Bud and saw that he was at the edge of the bog's waters. He was muttering something about the voices from the bog wanted him to join them. A wrinkled leathery gray hand emerged from the dark water and reached out to him. Before bud could join his leathery friend, I grabbed his arm and spun him back with all the force I could muster, Bud hit the the ground hard. He gasped for air trying to get normal pressure back in his lungs and when he regained conscious his eyes were wide with fear and confusion I explained to him that he had been dazzled by a will' o' wisp and it led him to this bog. I heard a twig break from the behind us and I spotted the wolf behind us. This time the wolf had left the safety of the woods and was quickly approaching us. I charged a ball of energy in my hand and warned the beast to stay back but before I could act a lone wisp began to viciously dive bomb the werewolf in the same manner a mocking bird defends its nest from a cat. The wolf overwhelmed, frightened and confused by the strange glowing ball darted off into to the woods, yelping and howling as the wisp followed after it. Soon after a thin small mummified hand emerged and revealed a man rising from the silty waters of the small bog. The mummy's whole body gave off a phosphorescent glow and my gaze was drawn directly into its dazzling yellow-green eyes. it was like staring into a white hot fire. My whole body was frozen and The bog-man was limping closer with its arms wide open ready to embrace me. I could hear a voice coming from inside my mind. The saccharin voice gently whispered to me, tempting me to embrace him. I fought the voice and regained my wits breaking contact with the bog-man's gaze and glamor. I sent a bolt of energy from my hands in retaliation for it attempting to glamor me. The ball of light screamed towards the bog-man and hit the mummy square in the chest with a punishing blast. The force of the blast was equal to a small explosion and propelled the bog creature into the air, landing with a loud thud somewhere in the woods. My alarm clock went off returning my awareness to the real world.


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