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Not Good News



Just got off the phone from calling my mother and her husband only to find out that my mother has been taken to hospital and will be there for at least five days. She is not doing well and I am not sure actually how bad the situation is as the Irish accent Mum's husband is at times hard to understand as my hearing isn't as clear as it use to be. I knew I should have called her in the week.


I am going to have to try put together something to help her with ailment, I know that I may not be able to cure her but I could at least make her more comfortable than she is at the moment. Going to have to go and get on with prep work.


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Oh I know about being concerned about the Elders in one's family, Teacup ! Here's what I did for my Mother, I took a jar and filled it with herbs that I found useful in healing, and herbs that I knew were allies to my conviction. I also added a few drops of special oil, that I made. I took a string of old tiny xmas lights, and buried that in the cache of herbs, covered the top of the jar with a piece of fabric and ribbon, the chord of the lights hung from the back of the jar, yet secured to the jar by the ribbon.


Plugging the lights in, to illuminate the jar, also warmed the herbs, and gave off a pleasant aroma and released the nature of the healing.


Just a thought, it made a nice homemade gift for my Mother, which she liked, untill her mind left her, and she couldn't figure out what it was anymore.


I hope further news of your Mum, is better !





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I wish your mother to gell well soon Teacup Witch


Sincerely The Exile

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Thank you Gypsy, Exile and Panis I appreciate your comments. She has had the biopsy surgery and hopefully rather sooner than later we will know what is going on, I just wish her strength was better than it has been...

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All the best TW... Love Gypsys suggestion, Shes a clever old gal ;)

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Thank you Oak for your comment and I agree she's a clever gal :thumbsup:

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Hi Teacup, I hope all is going well with your mum and they are taking good care of her. Keep your strength up too.

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