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Interesting Day today!!!!



Greetings all. Just had to share what happened at work this morning. My boss had asked me to take out some fish and place it in Pans, for tonights All-you-can-eat Fish fry. ( I am a cook at a small restaraunt ) Well the interesting part is he had asked me to place these pans of fish on the floor, well anyone who knows anything about food safety knows that this is a HUGE no no lol. But I did as I was told. Another cook was in the back of the store with me at the time and I was telling him how our boss would learn the hardway someday when the food safety people came in. Well about 15 min later I poked my head around the corner to get a drink from the soda fountain and I saw whom I thought was the health inspector, but mearly turned out to be the Fire safety crew. Seconds later I turned around and put the fish pans on the counter so not to be thrown away ( I did not know till later that these ppl were only the fire inspectors ). I just felt that this was a funny thing that happened. I dont know if I knew they were coming or if it was just a clear coincidence.

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Damn! Your boss was lucky you saw him...it sounds as if you are starting to really key into that little voice of yours...good for you! :)

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