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tiptoeing through the trance

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a pact with myself



I would like to start writing again, when I have time and the urge (the latter is usually moreso the case), and what I want to write about are discoveries, questions, confusion. I feel like this is the best place for these types of musings, for me.


In particular, I'm hoping that by establishing a blog here, I will set myself to a training schedule, of sorts.

Does anyone else get information-happy, nibbling and licking each new tasty magic tidbit, only to find they never sunk their teeth in, never commited to a full bite?

This, I think, is the downside to a scatterbrained solitary. Everything looks so shiny, and I don't handle it long enough to see if it dulls, or changes color, or shows me more just by fully examining it.


So, since I do really well with public integrity (if I say I'm gonna do it, and others hear it, I damn well do it), I'm using this blog as blinders to keep me focused on three things in the next three months:


--Documenting my experiences and knowledge gained from local flora and fauna, to create what Sarah Lawless called a genius Loci Profile

(this will prove harder in the next month, as the snow takes hold, but I can't just observe when all the pretty flowers are out)

--Fully exploring, noting, and manipulating the energy points in my home, and the protections outside

--Working through the exercises in first book on shamanism I've bought (The Secrets of Shamanism), detailing my experiences, and do a full review after trying all the lessons. This seems like quite the layperson's book, not written for those familiar with magic, but maybe that can be part of the charm...


There is this part of me that says: and, and, AND! As if the above is not enough, squeezed in with being a caretaker, a breadwinner, a student, and a friend.

The books I've ordered can wait. The dreams of learning new skills will be there.

Without some focus, I fear I will burn out, or never drink fully, missing the aftertaste.


I'm always open to comments, suggestions, questions, rants, disbelief, venting, and anything else thrown out there. Here we go...


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This sounds like a busy schedule! :)

You are more than welcomed to share your experiences as magical practices are diverse and one would need several lifetimes to experiment everything!

This website is the perfect place to ask any question you might have as the persons having practiced magic for a while are always ready to help and answer to your questions!


It is always good to see someone motivated!

At first (and I am still a beginner) I was as impatient as you are and wanted to try everything right now!

But the more you read, the more you discover that the magic spectrum is vast and therefore you choose a bit more carefully your field of study.

At first as you said you're gonna want to try everything in a very short time period, but once you will have found something resonating with you you will start to discover that you can lose yourself on a very small thing and discover how complex it actually is. (I hope I am still making sense ^^)


Good luck!

Looking forward to reading your next article!



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I'm looking forward to your future posts too. It sounds like you have a full life and that is really great don't beat yourself up to much if you don't get everything done after all living life to the fullest is the greatest magic of all.

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