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jumping the fence




As some of you might know from this thread: http://www.traditionalwitch.net/forums/topic/9148-witching-on-the-run/page__p__123140__hl__witching__fromsearch__1#entry123140


I am working in a very limited environment and have to get creative in my practice.


One of the things that delighted me about where I now live is the discovery of a hidden creek literally just about 20 yards away. But a chain linked fence has separated us all this time. Like most houses in this overly manicured suburban neighborhood, there is a fence "protecting" the inhabitants from this creek. The creek is surrounded by trees so most people don't even notice that there is a creek there.


Well, for the last few months I have been itching really bad to get down to that creek. I fantasized that I could make some secret nature altars down there and even do some plein air workings. But the only way to get it is to jump the fence, which presents two obstacles. One, it's very very steep on the other side of the fence. Two, I'd need to have the house to myself and hopefully no neighbors peering over wondering why this wacko lady was climbing a fence.


I finally got the opportunity a couple days ago. I even had a specific working in mind and brought a few small "things" with me.


I did look like a doofus crossing that fence. I had to get a cinder block for a step up because its pretty high and then the chain links dug into my thighs and butt and well that hurt. Thank goodness a helpful tree trunk was available to steady me.


When I finally crossed over, I was amazed at the energy I felt--at the contrast, mostly, between the sterile suburban life on one side and the sheer WILDNESS on the other. I immediately just froze in my tracks. This was not what I expected. I had some polyanna notion of that space feeling so welcoming since I had been drawn to it but guess what? It wasn't welcoming at ALL. The vibe wasn't so much a Get Out Now vibe as a sense that I was walking into someone's house thinking it was my house.


And I was.


The place is absolutely full of animal life. I got the sense that this creek is a huge refuge for what wildlife is left here and it just felt like an oasis of wildness. Raccoons, opposums, maybe even foxes ( I saw some large dog like droppings in a place that no dog could have gotten to) hole up there...I have seen ducks and their babies there before too. No doubt there's snakes. Anyhow, I just immediately felt like a trespasser even though that was not my intention.


I did not go any further, just sort of stood on the other side of the fence feeling things out.


I politely introduced myself to the various spirits of the place and left some offerings.


Looked like an even bigger buffoon trying to get back over, hid my cinder block, and am waiting till the right time to try another visit.


Anyhow, I just felt like writing about it and it's not really a thread posting kind of topic. It seemed like an important lesson--that the world(s) on the other side of the fence can be vastly different despite a few inches of space separating you. And then of course there's the metaphoric and figurative correlations...


In other news, I also finally got a chance to visit my local new age/occult shop (yes they are the same thing here) and I was disappointed to find that the witch section was titled Wicca and there was only total and complete crap available. BOO.

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This post is really interesting. We've got a hill near our house and it's got that great wild feel to it. I was walking round & getting a 'feel' for everything and came across a little mound with a hollow in it. I got an immediate impression of 'back off!'. As soon as I agreed to stay clear the energy became less threatening but only as long as I kept my distance. I find moments like these humbling. They remind me that we are part of the most destructive species on the planet and spirits and animals know this. We don't have the right to everything whenever we want. Sometimes we've got to earn trust. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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I like this. I had an experience like this a few weeks ago. I was wanting to explore the woods next to our apartment complex that is on a steep hill that runs down to a creek. Well as soon as I entered the woods, the energy changed completely. It was very hostile and I got the impression that I was not welcome at all. I stood there like you did for a while just feeling things out, and then smelled this really foul smell, like sewer. I said "Ok I get it, Im going. I turned around and left and the smell was gone. Every so often I will just walk around the edge of the trees waiting for an invite. Sometimes I will bring a thing of water and miricle grow and give it to some of the plants. I will just have to wait and build trust I guess.

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Thanks guys.


Yeah, it was very eye opening and I'm glad to hear of others' similar experiences. I am working on building trust too, WR. I feel like I should wait awhile before trying again.

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Guest Sage Stonepath


We've had that happen to us. Here in Tucson we have washes /dried creek beds created by the monsoons, that are awesome to walk along/in. We were about to climb down into one when a coyote pranced out in front of us....pranced...like in ta da! what do you want, human? We just stood there all looking at each other. The place changed, from seemingly open and bright to shrubby and thorny and forboding. The coyote sorta did a huff and stomped his front paws, eyeing us. So we left. As we were walking away I looked back the the coyote just trotted off...job done. The place seemed airy and open again.

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