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A little creepiness from Yorkshire Dialect Poems



(by F.W. Morrman)


O! What do ye Wesh i' the Beck


George H. Cowling


"O! What do ye wesh i' the beck, awd wench?

Is it watter ye lack at heame?"

It's nobbut a murderer's shrood, young man,

A shrood for to cover his weam.(1)


"O! what do ye cut i' the slack, awd hag?

Is it fencin' ye lack for your beas'(2)?"

It's nobbut a murderer's coffin, sir,

A coffin to felt(3) his feace."


"O! what do ye greaye(4) at the crossroads, witch?

Is it roots ye lack for your swine?"

"It's nobbut a murderer's grave, fair sir,

A grave for to bury him fine."


"An' whea be-owes(5) coffin an' shrood, foul witch?

An' wheas is the grave i' the grass?"

"This spell I hae woven for thee, dear hairt,

Coom, kill me, an' bring it to pass."


1. Belly. 2. Beasts, cattle.. 3. Hide.

4. Dig 5. Owns,


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