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Back to the Gypsy that I was

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Who will watch the home place?



I have traveled back to the place where I was born and raised to celebrate Easter with my family. It will sadly be an abbreviated trip due to my work shedule and having to work Sunday evening from 4pm to 12am. But nonetheless I am back in the house that my mother grew up in, and I lived in from 12 years old to 24. Before that we lived in the house next door.

Since my grandmother died in 1994 my family moved back into the house. Renovations were done, and like most old houses with renovations happening old ghosts woke back up. They haven't been quite since. If they ever were quite. I remember spending the night many times with my Mamaw only to have unexplained things happen or see unexplainable things.

The road the house sets on was once owned by an ancestor. There isn't much of this part of the mountain that old' Wickcliffe Nash didn't own. The original Nash house still stands at the end of the road, and has recently (from 2008-now) been under major reconstruction, and has made its way onto the national historic landmark list. Here is a short 10 minute video about the house and reconstruction of you want to watch it:




Now the house I am in for the next two nights has seen its fair share of turmoil, happiness, life and death. All very strong events that can cut the veil and leave a psychic scar. I grew up hearing Haint tales about this old house. Mysterious footsteps, lights, voices as well as physical apparitions and physical touches.

I have had many experiences with spirits in this house. The most recent was probably a year ago when I came do a visit, and awoke to hae a white mist hovering over me. When I saw it a female face and hand appeared from the mist. The hand reached out to touch me and then vanished.

I've heard some old folk say this land should have stayed te apple orchard that it was until the late 1930s when my grandparents built the first cabin here. Perhaps this spot of land is a natural vortex for spirits moving from one side to the next? Or perhaps there is just an energy that brings the spirits here for a while, and then they move on.

Even as I type this entry I hear footsteps above where noone is, and tapping on the walls.

Whatever the cause for the sprits in this house, and no matter how scared or sad they made me in the past I have to thank them for giving me a crash course in spirit work, protections, and communications.

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That's really cool, RF. How did you take the experiences initially - were you scared, or were you peaceful?

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Initially they scared me. The first experience was waking up to two older men sitting on my bed discussing the best way to kill a family.

As I got older and had more experiences the less scary it got. Mostly due to the electronic age giving me access to more information on protection as well as spirit communication.

My Mamaw was always scared too death of ghosts and spirits and never wanted to talk about those things. So I listened to my other kin folk who all lived up and down the road. I learned the legends, stories, and ways to protect yourself just by eavesdropping around family get togethers.

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Guest Sage Stonepath


great experience. always wanted to live in a haunted house....unfortunately, hasn't happened...yet. have you able to speak to them or are they just echoes looping?

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A lot of the spirits in the house appear and then they are for. Which is why I wonder if te land isn't a portal/vortex of sets. However, there is a little girl that a lot of people have seen. Service men putting in carpet have seen her, delivery men, etc. she likes to peek around corners. My niece says her name is Susie. Besides her the most frequent and sometimes spoken to spirits are the ancestors that show up in the house.

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Just moved from a house eerily similar in so many ways. Even in the similarities of the physical building, like the stairs, the doors and windows. Not ancestral for us but we had many experiences that made me wonder about a vortex between. The 3+yrs we lived there many voices seemed to come and go but there were 3 beings that were always present and very distinct and 1 was just angry and scary as hell! Footsteps all night, from room to room, doorknob jiggles, rocker creaking (but we didn't have one). I dont often see spirits but I could see... ink, like a vapor silhouette of a torso and head? But always, the talking straight into my head. Only my youngest boy really saw what I did and more. the others just heard the knocking, creaking stairs, etc...Made him so sick! He had to leave school for a year and a half. It finally came down to the house and it's inhabitants were what was hurting him.

The whole neighborhood wants it torn down (cant, its registered historic. Built in 1900) and you hear people as they walk by (on a main street and busline in a historic part of my small town) telling stories about the house and some scary thing that happened to this or that person that stayed there. Even since we left, the owner has remodeled a fair amount of the outside and put a coat of paint on it. Looks nice, but it's reputation hasn't gone anywhere. Nobody wants to buy it. Not even cheap.

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