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Heightening my Senses to the world around....



Greetings All,

Just lately, mainly due to the rather warm Autumn weather we are experiencing in South Australia at the moment, I have been able to ride my bike to work and go hiking on weekends.

Whilst I am doing this, I am trying to fill my senses with the elements around me.

AIR ~ Breathing the natural Air, smelling the scents of the flowers, bushes and trees around me (also trying to name as many as I can), watching the birds fly and feed, and Autumn leaves float through the air....

WATER ~ Natural Water running in Creeks, through rocks, and over waterfalls. It's even nice to sit and watch my fish swimming in their aquarium!!

EARTH ~ Hiking in bushland gets me closer to the earth, rocks, and all that is earthbound!!

FIRE ~ The blazing Sun streaming through the trees, warming us as we hike or ride!!

The Universe is treating us very kindly lately ~ We are much appreciative of this eheheh.gif

Enjoying life at the moment!

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Awesome! Its always beneficial to be present in the moment and be aware of all that is around you. In modern day life, that is a rare thing indeed, but for the witch it is like life breath for the soul.

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Dear Darkwench,



I found that since embarking on this path, I appreciate being outdoors so much more; I enjoy feeling the rain on my face, feeling the wind through my hair, hearing the birds' song in the trees. In fact, I volunteer to be outside in the nursery's garden when the weather is "bad" as I enjoy how rain/wind/snow makes me feel alive and aware of being alive! I have just today invested in waterproof overtrousers so that I can sit in the sandpit and make sandcastles with the children (who are always provided with waterproofs) when it rains!


kind regs,


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