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Not likely!



I never thought I'd have a blog at all, and now I have two! Jeeze, what's wrong with me?


My other blog is on blogger and I just have to plug it: Spooked: Books to Run From. It is where I review all of the worst books on the Occult and the Paranormal that I can find.


However, I try really hard to keep that blog devoid of both personal life and anything that doesn't have a lot to do with books and reading. So this blog can be for everything else. Although, I spend so much time reading these days that it's hard to imagine I have time for anything else.


What can you expect here? Rants, raves, lots of photos, descriptions of any magical work that I am doing, and long opinionated tirades.


As for magical work, I'm currently working on two things. First, I'm crocheting bags for all of my tarot cards. Second, I'm building an ocean altar. This is the first time in my life that I've lived near the ocean, and I love it. So, I thought I'd honor it with its very own altar. I've been collecting sea shells, coral, gull feathers, and anything else I can scavenge off of the beach for it. And I've invested in some nice lunar/watery oils. I'm waiting for this coming Monday to set it up. Expect photos once I ever get it done!


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