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Creation part two



As I said I would come back to this line of thought when I had a bit more time.

Creation for me does not always flow, but like all things within nature it ebbs for me as well. It has only been in the last few months that I have noticed the flow of creation and the tides of nature for me. I did no working specifically to bring this about. The only action I have taken differently was to a point giving up my obsessive control. I many times tried to force creation of materia magica only to be met with a deep emptiness when I stared at my materials for creation. This is not to say that I willing gave up control to the universe in all things. Oh no what kind of a witch would I be if I had done that?! Just in the matter of creating items. I do plan on journaling this process more thoroughly, and perhaps will create a formal working to the universe to announce giving up the material creation control.

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Sometimes one has to give up control - obviously one needs control to function in society, but to insist on complete control is for the Self to be controlled by that very desire, which is really not living, but existing. Sometimes control can be repression of the "inner" self, which is also the creative part of us (among other things). So perhaps your giving up some control did have something to do with it??



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